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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sorbet Revolution

Its A Sorbet revolution, officially, the best ice-cream product in the WHOLE UNIVERSE, is Nestle Frubetto, Gurgle, sooo tasty, had one of every flavour today, and one yesterday too. A fruity sorbet including fruity bits, in a lolly stylee shell, it dosent get much better on a sweltering pre storm day, and speaking of which, 'Kerflash', it has begun. How much of an awsome word is that, 'Kerflash'. 'Kerfash', Copyright, me, as of now, Patent pending.
Argh its so irritating here, i had just managed to get online, and was talking to Lucy the Bubble and then alex annonces she wants the phone, grrr, shes always on the phone line. Only want to catch up with people and publish Posts that written offline, growl. Gonna make the line bleep again, i swear shes doing it to annoy me. Hate the way she demands things, as if i owe her, they both do it to be fair. growl (again).
Got quite a few tasty photos over the past few days, but damn dial up wont let me show yu very easily, so you'll have to wait till we get back. (as soon as possible, or at least as soon as my overdraft is sorted, so could be in a mere 5 weeks :D hooray.
Have once again found tonnes of stuff i want to buy, i think im ging to start a birthday list, cause i need to save for my bike/palm-top.
Its all going inteh little black book, which is now alive and well. Anyhoo, im waffeling, so see you all asap. miss you aber. XXX

[deleted picture, its pixilatyness was getting up my bum]

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Has it worked?
blogger now hosts photos!!

Iced Tea

Holy Refreshing Diffuse Beverage shortage Batman, Spent around 5 hours searching high and low for Iced Tea in Shrewsbury yesterday, NOWHERE< nd i really mean NOOOWHERE!!! stocks iced tea in shrews. growl tastic, and then to mock us, there were liption stickers everywhere, and when we gave up and sat down, Charlie noticed the bench we were sitting on was dedicated to the memmory of some Tipton guy (like Lipton, only not)We sat round, thought of things which were cool, and pointed out to people how crap they were (well to ourselves at least) We wrote a few things down int eh little black book, and we went to see Batman again cause its ace. We have to watch ALien Versus Predator too soon damn it!, infact, all the aliens aswell!
AND when i get my PDA, (which have decided i rilli want now), ill be able to blog to you from where ever... ive sed this already havent i. Hmm, well i was htinking i could have a monolog of my life, only more of a Monoblog.
ill shut up now, gtg make a CD of dudey pictures for JP

Friday, June 24, 2005

BBC news in pictures

BBC NEWS In Pictures

picture 13, Jenny P
Cool shot me thinks, if i had broadband ide stick some of mine on them


A compilation of all the stuff i want to blog, but cant cause of dial up, if it gets read at all all be most impressed.

>>And so it begins

Woooo! As you may have noticed, its been sweltering for the past weeek or so, grrr. so today, when the heavans opened with the fist display of thunder, lightning and lots of water, it was the perfect time for a pedal around the block, just like being back in aber, although slightly more tropical. Am decidedly moist to say the least.
[18:00 19/06/2005]

I was on my way to waffle on about morbid curiosity, and gay marriges too (in no relationship to each other it must be said!(i was watching the thing about massachusettes allowing same sex marriges, thats all. Anyhoo, the adorable Batemantor sent me a txt, and in the blink of an eye we are meeting up in shrews 2moz to catch up , if only the rest of life was really that simple, ho hum. Eitherway, ive forgotten what i was going to say about Morbid curiosity and Gay marrige in no connecting context, so ill shut up, where have all these capital letters come from? argh!
[23:03 19/06/2005]

Dude, if i press F5 i can add date and time stamp on word (as im using notepad to write blogs in case you hadnt noticed, becaus we are on crappy dial up out here in the stiks, so i dont like waiting for it and then it crashing etc) ne hoo, ill shut up now, check out auto the time stamp
[23:05 19/06/2005]

>>Morg's BIrthday

Happy Birthday Morgs you vile beast ;-)
back to snobs last night, what a hole, is ace. ears are stll ringing, and some muppet thought it would be a good idea to crash in the conservatory at toms, woke up in a sauna sweat bath.
Have lost my little black book damn it!, i found loads of stuff to go in it during my extensive conversations with Rach, Claire n the gys n gals at toms. damn it, cant be far away. not happy. think im going to buy me a PDA next term, assuming ive got the money, getting my ass wireless wot with every othher coffee shop offereing free use of wifi hospots. and i think im gonna get melvs bike, it may be too small, but it would be BMXy then wouldent it. nehoo, off to shower, i hum. xxx
16:01 23/06/2005

Found my lil black book, woo. speaking of books, have decided (again) to start reading again, so went to the works and got the boxed set of the Narnia Chronicles for £6.99 Jens idea i kno :@, but hey. ill let you know if i actually get into them, i should hope so, hardly heavy going. Ok, am ACTUALLY going for a shower nowx
16:17 23/06/2005


Dude, went for a pedal today and took a few snaps from around and about, and got he most awsome close up of a bee doing a fly-by on an awsome muddy bike, well i liked it, ill try and get it online and stick in a hyperlink, came back from Brum yesterday, and then on to an extensive talk by Sir David Puttnam,was quite interesting, but i was soooo tired it as untrue, and being part of Christian Faith festival week, which ment i was sat next to some dude called david, who was most hap cllappy, and when he found out i wasnt part of The Aber CU, refused to talk to me all week, Argh roll on Aber, got my job in Argos today, looks like fun, now i got an interview at Sainsburys 2moz, and an interview in Percy Throwers next week.I think ide prefer the PT job, but i dunno about Pay. Was thinking about the union steps and the 'stanley knife' earlier, missing aber still, once i get in to the monotany of employment/out of the house, ill be reet, is gonna be odd next term, certain people too close, certain people too far away, and much more dificult too move between the two. Just realised also today, that if i do get a Wireless enabled PDA, ill be able to blog infinatly more easil, and be able to blog the little things i think of and then forget by the time i get to a computer, those spur of the moment, 'you had to be there', moments
22:21 24/06/2005

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Am not only lacking money big time, but i have a major mision to and around brum coming up, argh distress, and to top it alll, ive left my railcard in aber again!
ive not been able to use that thing more times than i have, i dont think ill bother with one next year, i rarely use it. anyhoo, off to town soon, so better get some lunch first. its taken me about half an hour to an hour to get the net to work, i only wanted to look up one line from a song, growl.

"Strange infatuation seems to grace the evening tide"

Very poetic it hought, prizes for guessing the song,

(not open to people who actually know though)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Batman Begins!

OMG thisis the best film this year in my opinion!! ad unDOUBTEDLY the best batman film of the lot by a factor of around 10.
Really dark and gothic, but in a strange kind of 'shiny new' way
And wot a soundtrack!
Gah, i want to see it again!!!
go see it gys and girls!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

That cat should not be here

Am back again, probaby due to the fact that i havent spoken to u guys in ages, ure either never online, off running or have bust msn.and if that dosent apply, its possible u just plain ol' iritate me ;-)
However, i feel the most pertenant reason is that we are watching Mike Myers in the cat and the hat annd its rubbish. basicly all the Austin powers characters, rolled int one, poorly dressed as a cat. growl.
Bin in Wolverhampton all day setting up 'mon peres' exhibition. Yesterday, it got desperate, teh lego was forced to be reinstated, and hadd a thrilling evening building a secret island base for Evil jeff... ROCK AND ROLL!!!
Melv want to seel me his lil street bike, and now, once again im confused about bikes, argh my head. Think i need to have a roll around on one, see what i like and what to do. Oh well, the last post was extensive, so ill shut up now. Dont let me forget Fathers day on sunday! and its Harris birthday on saturday, so happy birthday prettty lady! Missing you all, still. Thinking about u loads of course, luv me ;-) (L)
(off to be creative with lego!)(oo, the credits tune from the cat in the hat is quite fun "smash mouth, 'hang on'")

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Little black book

It is most odd, being back, I have just filled in yet another Application form, and packaged up an MP3 player which needs to be posted to london. I have no idea why im writing , or even what im writing, in fact, stop reading now as it will be complete waffle.
Not having the internet is weird, i am used to coming back to my laptop to a barrage of blue flashing toolbar icons, it is very quiet here. And guess what, suprise suprise ive got a puncture, and cant get out and about.
Ive got another little notebook, the last one was quite succesful, as a place for doodling ideas and general brain excrement, but this one is taking a while to take off, ihave lots of things to go in it in mind, but i just can never seem to be bothered to retrive it from my pocket or wherever it may be, odd really. I think i need to start writing letters too, no one writes letters nowadays, and i have so many people i could write to, i got a letter off jen today, general brain fart letter, but its all good, was nice to hear a friendly voice again, although her writing is most tiny, and not writing i recognise, as she always wrote to me in angular block caps back in aber (nearly sed 'back home' then) Must write to her, and must write to Chris too, i think i may be loosing touch with her, and that be most un-good. Still havent sewn the patch of the flag she sent me onton anything, it hink it may go on some clothing or something, am gonna get me some cheap ass richleys jeans when i get back, and stick pathces on them, not all over them, greasy style, but so it is just a bit more intereseting, want a big red dragon to go on a pair on its own, like Angies, quite kewl i thought. i think the dutch flag wil have to grace a pair for sure, ill keep my eyes open for other cool patches, preferably with meaning.
This iitself is one of the many things i have to write in my lil book, arse monkeys. I could write things i want to blog about in it too couldnt i, I'm always forgeting what i was gonna say, ahh the possibilities.
I wonder if yo can get patches of singular letters, like number plate type letters, UWAMTB on the ass of a pair, that be cool, with the bototm of the letters in the pockets, rather than over or on, in fact, anything writen like that. I wil have to go talk to jess about customising clothes, we do that from time o time, tis most fun, she made this tee shirt which was quite cool, green with white stencil on it 'Ninjas against Bush' Random but i liked it.
SO much to do next term, such little time, i really hope i get to go onthe freshers ride, but i think i may be busy with DofE and crap like that, damnation, am most looking forward to the freshers ride, i think it will all be under control, as long as i keep it all undercontrol and write it down so i dont forget whats going on, quite possibly in my little black book.
Well it hink ive bored you enough, i told you not to read on didnt i?! Im offto write a reminder in my little black book, to remind me to write in my little black book more

Written in Notepad at 12:20, Lunch time, Thursday 9th, mmm lunch

[Addition: MSN isnt working, possibly a bust cable, ^o) Alex, grrr. Will have to speak to you all soon some other way, apologies for any barrage of txts, missing you]

Friday, June 03, 2005


Damn Job applications.
How can they exepct you to fill in a form around 5 pages of rubbish, for every job you apply for, its insane and a little irritating, im giving up for the night, i have only done 3.
Gah, life is far too complex. will have to do this int he morning, just gonna print me a CV or 10 tonite i think, staple them to the forms, should cover all the stuff i missed or forgot. Gah

Summer calling

Back in Shrews again, away from aber for 3 months, and feeling most weird.
Really looking forward to next term, but nice to be back again, and i can ride everyday. Its going to be a roadie summer.
Missing Aber already, but feeling quite Ambivolant about who i miss, but also how i miss them.
My phone is knackerd, so no texts im afraid guys, and im wrestling with a 34.6Kbps connection.
Am once again, undecided about the bike i want, Had a sit on an Acid today, and it just feels wrong, The Specialized P3 is nice, but a bit over priced compared, How about a Giant STP, a cross between the two, gah decision, and i need a job first to pay for it, so im off to get some food, and then fill in the manyt forms i picked up today. Joyus ^o)
Had a fiddle with bike again which was nice, putting it back together after it was packed in the car, and fittng the rollamajig to it, is well cool, cant belive we got all my stuff in the back of a 206!!, suspension was not happy about it though, i would imagine it was handling like a boat too, but i wasnt driving so who knos, wnho cares. Anyhoo, im waffeling, so im off for food. Byeee