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Monday, May 19, 2008


As the last post, of around 20 minutes ago, on MTBwaffleblog may indicate. confusion runs awry at the moment. Having been working for coming on six months, I've still got no money. Sure, I've bought a car, which explains quite a chunk. but money coming in is offset by my rather expensive diesel/nutrition habit (in that order). More beer tokens are passing through my grasp than I've ever seen in my whole (hugely extensive 22 year) existence. I'm still not getting to grips with it, and if I don't soon, the insurance will be round again (for one of many) and I wont have the tokens to appease the man. I need to declutter my life. I've needed to declutter my life for a while now, but a surfeit of bike "spares" and tat are taking their toll. My registry is suffering, in both Windows and the real world. I've aimed to do this before, but it has never worked out massively well due to a lack of inclination to wrap stuff up for the fleabay people. perhaps I shall just give it away to a better cause. that's a much better idea. Broken set of forks, perhaps someone has a pair with the other half broken, and could make a whole. a much better use for them than cluttering up the garage. The same applies for some tired MPH disk brakes. not massively useful for me, but some one who wants a foray into the wonderful world of disk brakes for the price of a pint may. I shall keep you [sporadically] informed. x


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