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Thursday, April 02, 2009

DS Grows up

The DS games, have always been a little bit...... arse.
No one bothered to do anything more than the blatently obvious with the touch screen, the graphical capaibilties and the Dual screenyness of it, and if they did marginally push the envelope a little, they only ever concentrated on one of the three.
That and the average age for the games being about 3, (See "nintendogs and other such criminal excuses for entertainment) being my justification for my opening comment.

Fear no more, 2009 has already seen some GEMs of console gameplay, and not just in comparison to the PSP and iphone. the Wii is just not accurate enough a medium, and underpowered in my opinion, the Xbox and the PS3 may have the raw power, but innovative gameplay is limited to one screen, and a heap of buttons, sticks and analogue throttles.
close, but no cigar.
While previously, Zelda was about as good as the DS got, (dont get me wrong zeldas excellent but it has been overshadowed) the new developments really are pushing the limit of the device, im suprised the card hasnt got hot running some of these....

GTA Chinatown Wars; Ultimate gangland Sandbox, in its finest form. top down view was classic, and in my opinion as soon as it went 3rd person, it went rubbish and i lost all interest.
the new rendition, is better than both, and excells so much more with the quite frankly PERFECT use of the DS capabilities.
110% balanced use of Pad buttons,stylus required touchscreen, and thumb based touchscreen menu handling.

From the Abyss: a Classic looking RPG, bashing monsters and picking up spells, again perfectly controlled use of the touch screen for thumb based organisation of items and skills, AND to top it off, seamless co op with another DS over wifi connection.

Shaun White DS: touch controlled snowboarding, top notch soundtrack, and excellent gameplay. the only fault, no videos on OooToob, so ill use this Webcam jobby instead.

i hope youve found this thrilling... Can you tell im bored?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm sittin' at a coffee table, unable to see straight
Watchin' parallel lines unwind and undulate
Behind the rain-streaked windowpane, the scene's bleak
Another train leavin' home,
conceding defeat with a low moan
Hangin' in A sky, made of stone
Everybody's leavin' home, I called my man Jerome
To come meet me in the twilight zone
Leave your mobile phone at home and come alone
I bought him coffee and a snack,
settled back, started speakin'
He was tweakin' with the peak of his cap
While I'm seekin' to discover what it takes to stay sober
Not cover my mistakes,
try to maybe make sense of the evidence
It's over, she's gone for good
Why should I lie, singin' a killer's lullaby
Identified by the dying ring of her goodbye
The last thing you hear before your life disappear

Now it just gets worse, like my stomach 'll burst,
feel like I've been cursed.
With seven centuries of bitter memories
And inadequacies, previous he's and she's
I'm movin' round this old house for the last time
Scene of my past crimes, been here for lifetimes
Hearin' the chimes of the old clock that used to mock
You got eternity for takin' stock,
this place is like a padlock
You look shocked.
Trust me, nothing ever moves but the dust,
There's just us and I'm here to torment and tease
And that's how it was for centuries
Me and my memories, till you brought the keys
Took the couple of Saturdays
I moved in runnin' from tragedies and boozing
Seven hundred years since I came here
You appear, same hair, same quizzical stare
I couldn't get near,
And the sheer frustration was more than I could bear
I was really cursed, thought I'd been through the worst part
That was just the first part, just the start
Every night I'd be sitting with dread, breaking my heart
In case the man she'd been chasin' gets to first base
And I just can't escape, I'm in bad shape
You making love to someone else is more than I can take
And so I make all the movement I can to no avail
Scream and yell, sinkin' deeper into my personal hell

I'm getting heated, I'm sorry, have another coffee
I needed to release my sparrow chest from just a piece of this pressure
Unless an escape route is found,
I'm going down underground
Into lifetimes of pain, it's absurd
The heaviest chain is contained is the sound of one word
So I'm referred back to hell, huh
Just as well, I hate needles an' get twinges at the thought
of syringes

J (as in Jerome), I'm going insane with shame
I dream and watch her makin' love over and over again
With what I call a farmer's swain
Unintelligent, pea-brained retard who's dick is always hard
Oh God, of course I'm jealous, fellows,
oversexed flexing his pec's
Jesus, what's he going make her do next?
I'm mad vex, the way she gently scratches his chest
You used to do that to me back in 1253
Pity me, while you lie with your lover
I stare and suffer in despair while you ruffle his hair
Unaware of who else is there
I move quick, I want to try my trick one last time
You know it's possible to vaguely define my outline
When dust move in the sunshine
So I'm tryin' to change, vibrate myself to near-human pitch
Which reminds me how I used to come unstitched
And switch 'round the house in a blind rage
It took years and an ocean of tears to find the key to this
And write another stage into a new age,
it's difficult to gauge
But I know that I'll see you again, on that you may depend
I just don't know how or when
Sleep on, my lost love I'm gone

Jerome took me home under steel skies
Knowing I'm prone to dramatize but unknown for telling lies
And what I verbalize he can see behind my eyes
The why oh why's that identify killer lullabies
And he surmised
No surprise couldn't hear that
Closed my eyes as he steered that old black BM home again
Not knowing how and not knowing when.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Quite like the harmonising by these crazy foreigners.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Johnny Lee - Carnegie Mellon University

This chap, can see, nay is writing the future!

DS homebrew controls DSLR

DS homebrew controls DSLR camera - DS Fanboy

"Usually when we think of homebrew, we think of awesome games and tech demos and things like that. Not this, which is brought to us by Steve, who wished to work with his camera out in the real world, but didn't want to drag his bulky laptop around with him everywhere he went. So, he came up with his own solution by hacking a DS to work with his big fancy Canon camera, which allows him to do precise shooting and mess with a whole bunch of other settings. Good job, Steve!"
Pinched as is from DSfanboy, but rather nifty no less.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

NDS homebrew

it turns out, There is SO much cool stuff for the DS!

I am converted from microsofts raw power in gaming, to the gadgetyness of nintendos and the DS quite easily having tried and tested. but the possibility for homebrew on the DS just takes it to a whole new level!
people making thier own games for a console that might as well ave been designed with homebrew in mind. its perfect for the job!

I may have mentioned the most excellent web game, crayon physics before in the past.
well now someones made a version for the DS;

pocket physics
draw shapes and structures, define thier physics and apply gravity.

its a shame gravity is so removed in an artifical world isnt it.....

NO! an NDS motion pack! a homebrew handful of a accelertometers and gyroscopes that plug into slot2 allow you to convert your static DS into a motion sensing.... thing of motion sensing.

what fun!!

Other homebrew freeware programs that i'm going to have to look into?

  • an FTP server (allowing you to access files on computer from the DS via wireless technology)
  • a remote for your computer, view the monitor via the screens and control all functions, again via wifi.
  • use it as a skype mobile
  • use the DS as a wireless game pad for PC
go homebrew!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

..... Holiday

Cnigt, ish
Originally uploaded by olly rob.

.....[continued from MTB side]..... and while in North wales we did some walking. I've not been walking since DofE, which was YAARS ago.
it was great.
Now I want to live in Wales again though :(
any Geotech-consultancies in Wales?

Monday, May 19, 2008


As the last post, of around 20 minutes ago, on MTBwaffleblog may indicate. confusion runs awry at the moment. Having been working for coming on six months, I've still got no money. Sure, I've bought a car, which explains quite a chunk. but money coming in is offset by my rather expensive diesel/nutrition habit (in that order). More beer tokens are passing through my grasp than I've ever seen in my whole (hugely extensive 22 year) existence. I'm still not getting to grips with it, and if I don't soon, the insurance will be round again (for one of many) and I wont have the tokens to appease the man. I need to declutter my life. I've needed to declutter my life for a while now, but a surfeit of bike "spares" and tat are taking their toll. My registry is suffering, in both Windows and the real world. I've aimed to do this before, but it has never worked out massively well due to a lack of inclination to wrap stuff up for the fleabay people. perhaps I shall just give it away to a better cause. that's a much better idea. Broken set of forks, perhaps someone has a pair with the other half broken, and could make a whole. a much better use for them than cluttering up the garage. The same applies for some tired MPH disk brakes. not massively useful for me, but some one who wants a foray into the wonderful world of disk brakes for the price of a pint may. I shall keep you [sporadically] informed. x

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Working Animals

Just as well I ended up with a big engine mefinks, a week of lugging glass and water and site crap has made quite a dent in my MPG, but not as much of a dent as it would have made in a smaller engine


Still yet to have bikes in it, but that's tomorrow evenings excitement. It has exceeded way beyond expectations, which is always good. Still needs a name though ^o)


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Windows Live Writer!!

Oh my! that IS slick. well done Bill, youv'e pipped Mozilla again at long last. Perhaps this is the beginning of the return from the brick of being1140745538-klaves9ic eaten alive by Google. "Revenge of the...."kind of thing. Though I do have a horrible feeling they are watching me again ^o) invade my computer will you 8-).

Ill have to try out some of these other functions soon, let me see, "Insert Map" (I must say I do like livemaps muchly) "insert video"

where is all this junk getting stored??

Though you do seem to have eaten my last post, perhaps that was an edit button rather than a "new post" button.


Well ill stick in a screenshot again, in celebration of being able to "throw stuff" into Blogger :)