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Monday, April 24, 2006

Mr Pimplings Battenburg Gti Turbo

Mr Kipling's Battenburg measures 170mm x 50mm and weighs a meagre 320grams. Mr Pimplings Battenburg Gti Turbo measures 400mm x 160mm and comes in at a gobsmacking 5 kg. It just goes to show that bigger is always better.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Viva Abermtb

The Union Suck, therfore Viva La MTB Revolution

The Crimea

Baby Boom
Originally uploaded by olly rob.
The Crimea played an impromptue free gig at the Coopers, i only noticed cause my bike drive chain exploded coming down the hill so i had to slam the brakes on, and stopped outside the Coop, looking at a poster in the window. So much for essaying last nights, bummer. Oh well, theyre soo worth it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Time Travel Fund

Who wants a plot on the moon, everyone knows, that in the unlikely event of us ever going, the government will claim it back, the buggers, but thats because its physical, this is only an idea, but so much cooler if just as improbable

How would YOU like to visit, even live hundreds of years in the future? There may be a way, and that is the purpose of The Time Travel Fund(tm). !

Q: How does this work?
A: Current scientific theory states that Time Travel may be possible, however the technology is a long way off, perhaps hundreds of years in the future. Now, assume it does become possible in say, 500 years. As with any technology, Time Travel will get less expensive as time goes on. Just as the price of a VCR has dropped to less than $70 from the several hundred dollars it cost just ten years ago, Time Travel, once it becomes feasible, will initially be very expensive yet it will become more and more economical as time goes by.

Q: How does this help me?
A: The concept is that one day, it may be possible for people living far in the future to retrieve you from your current frame of reference (their past - your present) and bring you into the future (their present - your future.)

Q: Why would they want to?
A: That is the purpose of the fund. The simple answer is, we pay them to bring you into the future.

The Time Travel Fund[tm]

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wheres Wolly

Jose took this picture and its currently my desktop wallpaper, cause it ace
Its ace mainly cause im in it, but i guess it helps that its a coooool photo


Tin Mine
Originally uploaded by olly rob.
WTF!... i actuall enjoyed a field trip, its a miracle i tell you, and my field note book is sooo improving, boosh!
even though weather was gash and it was cold and wet and 7:00 starts for 7 days and... bleurgh. Nehoo, Flickr Updated, Holler