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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Girl, Anouk

Anouk, Girl, Moron Lyrics

Girl girl girl
When I hear him talk
Ooh my mind gets blocked girl

(far too long so ive removed the rest of the song, click the link if u still want it)

Friday, November 26, 2004

Anouk, Hotel New York

Anouk official fansite, new albums is out soon, Christmas is coming up Christa, hint hint. Links immediately below plays samples from EMI,

Heaven Knows
Our Own Love

Op het nieuwe Anouk album Hotel New York dat op 3 december verschijnt, staan de volgende nummers:

(Track listing for the new Anouk album, Hotel New York, availible 3rd of december is as follows)

Heaven knows
More than you deserve
Falling sun
Our own love
One word
I spy

UWA Mountain Biking

The Tees have arrived! Awsome Howies 'multitool' Tees, then colour matched and printed with club logo and website on the back. worn with pride to the most recent social at Rummers, untill Andy started off singing. Then there was no chance of the rest of us pulling off a "we dont know him, he followed us here!" manouver. mixed blessing, but you must admit, very cool (well in my opinion at least) keep your eyes open for us ont he prown on tuesday nights and wednesday afternoons.

Arty farty UV

Shits and giggles in UV light at the comedy club last tuesday, UV glasses, pints, Hand pass stamps and nail varnish... Joyus!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Hurt Burt

Random friends of friend from Stoubridge area (small world) spending thier time with a video camera, a lot of inclination, a midgin of talent, and some nifty editing and camera work
well worth a look.
for the full range of stuff, from crappy jackass imitations to some funny clips
check out WTFuk media, at

Hurt Burt

Hurt Burt part One

Hurt Burt part Two

Hurt Burt part Three

Monday, November 15, 2004

Lecture Notes

Genius plan,
i could write up my lecture notes, after each lecture, as a blog, set the time and date to be for that of the leccture, rater then the blog post, and link to various other stuff, black board notes and relevent pages etc off the uni website. ahhh the possibilities, then i can get at my notes anytime i like even ifim away, writing them out againw ill help remember them, and it could become a resource for my chums too, if i did it properly, does that sound good to you? i cfould do a new blog for each module, but ten agen, would require more admin. i could just titel each post with module code and lecture number and date, i dunno if i wana dot his terms crap, cause am already over half way through it. but then i could catch up i guess. think will be easier to start at christmas
one again... joy

Saturday, November 13, 2004


What the hell is relevance of the 897 on this template, i kno its random but to be honest, its a little batty having random numbers for no apparent reason, maybe ill get round to changin the template and customising it a little, joy

Google Search: More, more, more

Google Search: More, more, more
I dont doubt eveyrone out there has used google, i remember the good old days when nobody knew of it, 'in the begining' as it was, but in all the years of being a dedicated google user, i never ever took the time to take a closer look, this link takes you to the index page, which shows u the basic classes of things google does, but click on anyone of them and it is only another step into the depths of the google system, take a look in 'google labs'
and some of the articles by google themselves about google and some of thier favorite articles in the 8 billion pages they have on file. wow, have a look round for more interesting rubbish and really really big numbers.

(incidently, ive just gone to add a title to this page, and it appears google has done it itself, i quite like that one,v apt. clever old thing.)

Halloween Pix

As promised, (some while back now), 2 of the best pictures of me from halloween, one getting taped up with Rich, and at the union with Alex, Lou, Me and Gemma (L2R) i have many many more, u mite wana check the union flash website for more pictures by Cameradude, or if u kno me u can come see my collective piccies som time.

Joy (gotta stop saying that)

Friday, November 12, 2004


Joy, i have now worked out how to postpictures without having to go throuh dumbass server rejected 'piccassa'. so you all may now ooogle at my artiness and how photographicaly gifted i am.
Instalment one: the union on wed (3rd)

(although its taking a mo to get used ot copying and pasting tags from Blogger help and mixing them with urls from my Photobucket account. A web DJ is what i am)

Monday, November 08, 2004

Long time no see!

Long time no see boys n' girls, sudden influx of work, and rubbish like that. how depressing, went home this weekend, my cat has moved into my room, gave me the evilist look,

"dont i know you from somewhere... but more to the point get the hell out of my room human!"

2 weeks today to my Birthday, joy, hence the picture of my new toy

well it will be when Giant stop Fannying around with an Aluminium Shortage, Damn them.

anyhoo, still ahve to phone round and find the cheapest one. so much to do, such little time.
anyhoo, gtg retrive laundry. joy

or somat XXX