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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Google Search: More, more, more

Google Search: More, more, more
I dont doubt eveyrone out there has used google, i remember the good old days when nobody knew of it, 'in the begining' as it was, but in all the years of being a dedicated google user, i never ever took the time to take a closer look, this link takes you to the index page, which shows u the basic classes of things google does, but click on anyone of them and it is only another step into the depths of the google system, take a look in 'google labs'
and some of the articles by google themselves about google and some of thier favorite articles in the 8 billion pages they have on file. wow, have a look round for more interesting rubbish and really really big numbers.

(incidently, ive just gone to add a title to this page, and it appears google has done it itself, i quite like that one,v apt. clever old thing.)


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