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Monday, October 18, 2004

Me Me Me

Its all Me Me Me on ollyroberts.blogspot.com

Lets start with the basics, a few Vital Stats. you never kno when its going to be useful to have a few details about me available to the world, although, if I become an international terrorist (you never know) this could be my down fall, on the run from he CIA having been very careful to Leave no traces of my identity, some fool will come across this blog and just like that i'm done and dusted, literally.(although is a challenge, lets see how much useless information about me we can cram into a block of text) in which case, are you sitting comfortably? Then Ill begin

> Oliver James Roberts
Gender > M
DOB > 22/11/1985
Height > 6'5"
BG > ORH Positive
NIN > JH 34 10 43 D
Driving # > ROBER811225OJ9PK 71
UCAS# > 041114799
MP# > 07817 *** 128
Eyes > Blue
Hair >Brown
Shoes > 12.5 UK
BMI > 18
BOS# > 0442
MVC # > 633247020018104884

XC MtnBiking, Qualified Life supporting (apparently), Basic expedition Leading, Rock and Rolling, Boot wearing, boat rowing, non smoking, Guinness drinking, 7 key on key ring carrying, MP3 listening,photographing, msn messengering, webcamming, sword swinging, high kicking, back flipping, ass whipping, sleeping, breathing, walking, running, harder, faster, stronger, all around the world travelling, psycho legend doing course F640 at UWA! (also owning 16 DVDing at timing of publishing) I think... thats about it.

see ya later XXX


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