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Friday, October 22, 2004


I am finaly getting the hang of this HTML rubbish, admitadly its a case of paste an copy, or directly copy by hand short lines of code, but still! i'm impressed so :p I have managed to get not only a web counter and a tag board thingy, but also steal some code for links from Blogger (well it wasnt stealing, i found it... so there) ni would be going to town but its raining, ant its a mile, and im lazy so it can sod off. think i might pop over to Penbryn though, havent seen anyone there yet today. Sausage, Jade Caz and Chubby are coming 2moro, hooray! party weekend, shame all my house mates are going home. oh well
see y'all soon. (im saying y'all a lot recently, not good)
XXX tatty byes


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