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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Halloween has always beeen an anticlimax for me, monsters and ghouls come out to play, and i always flippin forget till liek 10 mins before the event... "oh shoite, its halloween"
This year i was going for the whole angel/fairy thing but seeing as wings were pushing 20 squid, i thought sod that for a masterplan. but now i have a much better idea, im not sure if i wana publish this, its TOP SECRET. well until saturday at least. its gonna consist of, from the bottom up, army BOOTS (of course), Black and white combat trousers, worn soldier stylee, with elastics in the ankles, Studded belt, Top half will consist of lots of black insulation tape, wrapped up mummy style, (well not completly wrapped up ;-) then over that ill have neals orange 'pensilvania psyco prison' shirt, just as a jacket, not done up.
WIll than spike up ahir with PVA, and do clown makeup, white base, lips like the jokers from batman, one eye with tears,and one with the cross thingy off the crow. it sounds mad i kno, dunno if u can picture it, but ill post u picturesor something. Its gonna be proper bo i tell thee, cant wait!!


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