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Monday, November 15, 2004

Lecture Notes

Genius plan,
i could write up my lecture notes, after each lecture, as a blog, set the time and date to be for that of the leccture, rater then the blog post, and link to various other stuff, black board notes and relevent pages etc off the uni website. ahhh the possibilities, then i can get at my notes anytime i like even ifim away, writing them out againw ill help remember them, and it could become a resource for my chums too, if i did it properly, does that sound good to you? i cfould do a new blog for each module, but ten agen, would require more admin. i could just titel each post with module code and lecture number and date, i dunno if i wana dot his terms crap, cause am already over half way through it. but then i could catch up i guess. think will be easier to start at christmas
one again... joy


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