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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Working Animals

Just as well I ended up with a big engine mefinks, a week of lugging glass and water and site crap has made quite a dent in my MPG, but not as much of a dent as it would have made in a smaller engine


Still yet to have bikes in it, but that's tomorrow evenings excitement. It has exceeded way beyond expectations, which is always good. Still needs a name though ^o)


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Windows Live Writer!!

Oh my! that IS slick. well done Bill, youv'e pipped Mozilla again at long last. Perhaps this is the beginning of the return from the brick of being1140745538-klaves9ic eaten alive by Google. "Revenge of the...."kind of thing. Though I do have a horrible feeling they are watching me again ^o) invade my computer will you 8-).

Ill have to try out some of these other functions soon, let me see, "Insert Map" (I must say I do like livemaps muchly) "insert video"

where is all this junk getting stored??

Though you do seem to have eaten my last post, perhaps that was an edit button rather than a "new post" button.


Well ill stick in a screenshot again, in celebration of being able to "throw stuff" into Blogger :)