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Friday, December 24, 2004

34.6 Kbps!!

OMG i hate this connection, back at home and back to v slow net, yawn,
I wrote a mail to everyone at aber, but it failed cause was quaite a large send list and my comp is crap, grrrrrrr, ne hoo
here it is

Reeeet to y'allQuick one from moi to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new yr, i was hoping ide speak to u online but this connection is a joyus 34.6Kbps (one three hundreth 1/300 of the aber conection) and it has taken me half hour to get into hotmail, so don think ill bother with msn.nehoo missing y'all and looking forward to getting back (dunno bout u but its soooo slow here, and the riding is crap so theres sod all to do) no biking to speak of and a shit connection, im destroyed!speak soon
mwah ;-)

Nehoo, if u read it here then joy if not then hey, im off to look up the mathmatical symbol for Chaos, random i know, just dont ask. hehehe
i cant see me being on msn for a few weeks, if u miss me, txt me!
Loads O' love

(happy birthday JC)

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Bye Bye

Bye Bye Aber, missing you all already, see you in 3/4 weeks
xxx H&K xxx

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ace MTB pictures!

Ace tail whip picture


have quite a few of these
some cool bunny hops for wall silhouettes too

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sugar High

Its been too long since i put in a pos of any noticible length, its the end of term, and tbh not alot is happenign latley, and with the advent of my bike blog, i ahve had lots to think about, but i finished lectures for this semester today, at 11:00 i came home and crashed and burnt, slept for no idea how long and awoke and just ate and ate and ate (this is drastic for me). this afternoon I have consumed: 1 cup of tea, 1 coffee, 1 hot chocolate, 3 cadbury caramels, 1 bowl of honey nut cornflakes, 3 average sausages with cheese and baked beans, over 30 cocktail sausages!, 2 waffels and cheese (in a weird sandwhich thing), half a bowl of strawberry angel delight, and a class of butterscotch angel delight with golden syrup. If i were Neal then this would be an everyday event, but i am not. either way, this is a very round about way of saying im on a sugar high from the latter food stuffs, and the hot chocolate. and having slept all day hasnt helped.
So here i am on my first night in front of a computer, thankfully not chasing a deadline. i ahve been surfing numerous websites, Mainly mountain bike sites and photography sites, both of which have inspired me. i need several things in my life at this moment. Another list coming up, only this time with detail.
I need a tripod, some of the night shots i have found are stunning, and a tripod is vital, i think a few glowsticks of varying colour could create some great effects too,
i need my SLR camera (although at the moment i have a mind block and have no idea what that stands for anymore). digital is all very well, but for proper control on exposure and apature etc, an SLR is needed, although first i need to play with my digital to get some ideas going.
i wana get out on my bike too, some of the ride pictures ont eh sites ive been looking at look great. looking forward to getting out and about round Shrewsbury when i get back, its no where near as good as it is round here in wales, but its home. Ive put some links i found on my bike blog too. here are some more cool photo sites ive been looking at this after'.

my favorite shot is http://www.nyclondon.com/pix/grand_central_platform_2.jpg


http://www.hoursofdarkness.com/ (as below)

well im off to continue my adventure into the unknown, o the mellow tunes of Tom Mcrae. if those there arnt enough, im sure you can manage to pick up my trail of breadcrumbs by entering a simple Google search, 'Night Photography', as i did. Good Luck

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Hours of Darkness

Hours of darkness.com

Wow, inspiration


Official Katatonia web site - www.katatonia.com

Matt has shown me a quality new band, well new to me i mean, i have borrown 'viva emptiness', which includes 'Criminals' and also 'Evidence'. all the tracks are great in my opinion apart from Ghost of the sun, which is not so great. I will have to see if matt has any other albums soon!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Bah Humbug

Merry Christmas


Whenn you need to put your chocolate down for a second, to get something from the other side of the room for instance, never put it on your laptop, not even onthe body casing, sods law you put it just over hte processor, on the inch square of warm to hot plastic, resulting on a nicley welded chocolate bar, damn crunchie.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Jet Emerges From Ocean

Jet Emerges From Ocean

I dont quite see how this works, it look slike rocket fuell to me, and a soggy plane is no good, even from a steam bubble its a bit dubious
a rocket/missile disguised as a plane is my best guess. any ideas?

Friday, December 10, 2004


Just been to summit to get some washers to adjust my brake units. nice suprise, they didnt rape me of more cash but have em to me for free! yay, but then if uve seen these washers, they were paper thin spring steel, had to secure them in my wallet cause they were sooo tiny. Ace. laters.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

New Blog

Olly XCMTB - Giant XTC4

Announcing the arrival of my gourgeous new bike, and thus the arrival of a new blog, linked on the sidebar under 'my other blogs', but, for one post only a direct link from here. yay. detailing the life and times of the pretty new toy, hopefully lasting a good few years, and i think the blog should too.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Park This

Park This

You do not need a 4.8 litre 360 bhp V8 engine to take Betsy and Josh to school. You do not need 200mm of ground clearance to clear traffic calming humps. Hampstead - Wandsworth is not Paris - Dakar. You are not about to invade a mountainous desert kingdom. You do not need to park on the pile of rocks outside the dealer when you take it for a service, even if that is what attracted you to it in the first place. You do not have the right to make yourself feel safer by driving a car with 2.4 tones of engine aimed directly at another drivers head. You do not need to drive a vehicle that is 27 times more likely to kill the occupants of a vehicle than if it by a normal car.
You do not need Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, Hill Descent Control or Trailer Stability Control to negotiate the Tesco supermarket car-park, even in the rain.
You will never ever need the ability to town 3,500kg back from Tesco.
Seven out of Eight of you will never go off road.
Only Two in Five of you will ever take your car out of the town.
Its not a jungle out there, its a traffic jam. You are not driving a Sports Utility Vehicle, you are driving a: socially Unacceptable Vehicle.

Howies, our back yard and beyond. 04/05