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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Park This

Park This

You do not need a 4.8 litre 360 bhp V8 engine to take Betsy and Josh to school. You do not need 200mm of ground clearance to clear traffic calming humps. Hampstead - Wandsworth is not Paris - Dakar. You are not about to invade a mountainous desert kingdom. You do not need to park on the pile of rocks outside the dealer when you take it for a service, even if that is what attracted you to it in the first place. You do not have the right to make yourself feel safer by driving a car with 2.4 tones of engine aimed directly at another drivers head. You do not need to drive a vehicle that is 27 times more likely to kill the occupants of a vehicle than if it by a normal car.
You do not need Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, Hill Descent Control or Trailer Stability Control to negotiate the Tesco supermarket car-park, even in the rain.
You will never ever need the ability to town 3,500kg back from Tesco.
Seven out of Eight of you will never go off road.
Only Two in Five of you will ever take your car out of the town.
Its not a jungle out there, its a traffic jam. You are not driving a Sports Utility Vehicle, you are driving a: socially Unacceptable Vehicle.

Howies, our back yard and beyond. 04/05


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