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Friday, December 24, 2004

34.6 Kbps!!

OMG i hate this connection, back at home and back to v slow net, yawn,
I wrote a mail to everyone at aber, but it failed cause was quaite a large send list and my comp is crap, grrrrrrr, ne hoo
here it is

Reeeet to y'allQuick one from moi to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new yr, i was hoping ide speak to u online but this connection is a joyus 34.6Kbps (one three hundreth 1/300 of the aber conection) and it has taken me half hour to get into hotmail, so don think ill bother with msn.nehoo missing y'all and looking forward to getting back (dunno bout u but its soooo slow here, and the riding is crap so theres sod all to do) no biking to speak of and a shit connection, im destroyed!speak soon
mwah ;-)

Nehoo, if u read it here then joy if not then hey, im off to look up the mathmatical symbol for Chaos, random i know, just dont ask. hehehe
i cant see me being on msn for a few weeks, if u miss me, txt me!
Loads O' love

(happy birthday JC)


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