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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sugar High

Its been too long since i put in a pos of any noticible length, its the end of term, and tbh not alot is happenign latley, and with the advent of my bike blog, i ahve had lots to think about, but i finished lectures for this semester today, at 11:00 i came home and crashed and burnt, slept for no idea how long and awoke and just ate and ate and ate (this is drastic for me). this afternoon I have consumed: 1 cup of tea, 1 coffee, 1 hot chocolate, 3 cadbury caramels, 1 bowl of honey nut cornflakes, 3 average sausages with cheese and baked beans, over 30 cocktail sausages!, 2 waffels and cheese (in a weird sandwhich thing), half a bowl of strawberry angel delight, and a class of butterscotch angel delight with golden syrup. If i were Neal then this would be an everyday event, but i am not. either way, this is a very round about way of saying im on a sugar high from the latter food stuffs, and the hot chocolate. and having slept all day hasnt helped.
So here i am on my first night in front of a computer, thankfully not chasing a deadline. i ahve been surfing numerous websites, Mainly mountain bike sites and photography sites, both of which have inspired me. i need several things in my life at this moment. Another list coming up, only this time with detail.
I need a tripod, some of the night shots i have found are stunning, and a tripod is vital, i think a few glowsticks of varying colour could create some great effects too,
i need my SLR camera (although at the moment i have a mind block and have no idea what that stands for anymore). digital is all very well, but for proper control on exposure and apature etc, an SLR is needed, although first i need to play with my digital to get some ideas going.
i wana get out on my bike too, some of the ride pictures ont eh sites ive been looking at look great. looking forward to getting out and about round Shrewsbury when i get back, its no where near as good as it is round here in wales, but its home. Ive put some links i found on my bike blog too. here are some more cool photo sites ive been looking at this after'.

my favorite shot is http://www.nyclondon.com/pix/grand_central_platform_2.jpg


http://www.hoursofdarkness.com/ (as below)

well im off to continue my adventure into the unknown, o the mellow tunes of Tom Mcrae. if those there arnt enough, im sure you can manage to pick up my trail of breadcrumbs by entering a simple Google search, 'Night Photography', as i did. Good Luck


Anonymous Anonymous said...

olly you massive legend! gonna miss ya over the hols!!
:( make sure ya keep chattin to me!! :p xxx

12:07 pm


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