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Monday, February 28, 2005

Fat Pie clay 2, Girlboy song

Fat-pie.com :: Clay animation

Girl boy song
This got me into university! It's half animated and half real footage. I took my camcorder to the lake one night with Jimi and Ant for a blaze and shot some crazy footage which I speeded up loads. Then I combined it with some animated footage I'd done about a suicidal clay model bloke thing, got Jimi to animate one of his clay models (the thing with the crazy fingers) and made some drummer bits. Eventually I threw it together with Girl/Boy song, an insanely fast Aphex song and here it is! One of my most proud moments in the field of editing. It's an explosion of colour and wide angle madness. May hurt your eyes.

I really like this one! goes perfectly with the music, and the stories kind of... i dunno, it looks liek the suicidal clay dude lives in a camcorder, or a telly, or a box, or...i dunno, make of it what you will

Fat-pie.com :: Clay animation

Fat-pie.com :: Clay animation


Oh my God, this is some fooked up Claymation!
its hte guy who did saladfingers, (suprise suprise), but this is just weird, Fat-pie.com, scaring me, i think ill add it to my finer things in life links. i only brought myself to watch 2, but watch the one above and maybe ule see why. Im off to have a wander round Fatpiedotcom
wish me luck!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Googlism me

Googlism Me

check me out!
olly is very frank about the pitfalls you may encounter and how to ensure they are avoided
olly is a world champion
olly is being bullied by two girls
this is so sad, but intriguing

ne hoo
gotta go so

olly is outta here



Googlism, philosophy according to google, i presume it does a search for ' "xxx" is'. and then applies rules of grammer to it to limit it to who, when ,what and where.
clever, and it works on real articles, dosent make up crap. novel

The Sect of Homokaasu - The Gematriculator


This site is certified 79% GOOD by the Gematriculator

Or for those of u alternatively inclined

This site is certified 21% EVIL by the Gematriculator

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Art is either Plagerism or Revolution

Monday, February 21, 2005


It would appear, according to the stats, ive been logging since Febuary 2004, i think that must have been the old blog which got replaced. but still! whent he stats are back and workin gfully, ill put up some numbers for you; posts, words written, visitor localities etc. It will interest me so :p
Incidently, ive gone off firefox, its cool, nice and simple and keeps out popups, but it has a few minor but irritaiting flaws, it cuts off the last cm or two off of each webpage for some reason and the tabs are all very well, but some links open a new window anyway. enither way, im back on IE6, with the 'taskbar grouping' feature turned on, and im gonna block the repeat offenders manually on the popup blocker.
muhahaha, have it!

Met Office

Ceredigion weather station Webcam

Having had a browse of the Met Office website, ive found loads of stuff, graphs, webcam feed, forcast tables, worth a look around!
ive even added a forcast to my MTB website. mmmmmmmmm copyright problems
we will see

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ray Peacock

Ray Peacock

Lalala Update!
Went to comedy works again last night, its a usual Bi-weekly thing the union do, we havent missed one yet! either way, a point of interest, One of the guys did a little self promotion, www.raypeacock.blogspot.com. so i thought ide write a lil post, It's unusual, i think, to find some one who has used thier name, unadulterated or without a alterego, as a login/website/email address. the only other person i know who does this is me!, it does however make life so much easier. This is all on the presumtion that 'Ray Peacock' isnt a stage name, im guessing its true though, i am slowly working my way through his site, pretty funny guy (being a comidien and that) so lots of interesting stuff, and interesting views on life to read. I think i might slip a link to my blog in in a comment (crafty) ;-p
im off to go riding now, first time since last weeks excitment (see mtb blog for last thursday/friday). See if i can damage myself again
wish me luck

Monday, February 14, 2005

Firefox/Mozilla Google toolbar update

mozdev.org - googlebar: index

Ace, i have founfd a new and MUCH IMPROVED version of the googlebar for firefox, so once ive finished tweeking options and settings, ill be one happy bunny. just browsing looking for the google bar, ive found loads more features which make using this system so much easier. ive found a 'powered by' button too. im gonna try get it on this site, under the 'powered by' feature. I'm loving this browser, you will too.


It would appear there is a new browser on the block. Actually there are several, even ont hat lets you surf the web in 3D, viewing pages as the 'sides of cubes' and you fly around them, or something, all in all its very complicated. Which is where firefox comes in, its dead simple, and manages to block all popups without Hindering logins and you going where you WANT to go. i could just read off the page ive linked at the top, but that would be silly. so ill have a waffle about what ive noticed. Aprt fromt he lack of popups, the other main thing is that the downloads can be paused, and requeued etc, a bit like that pirate friendly site Kazza. it is also veyr simple to use, with a total of 5 buttons to use. it includes the Google search box if needed, although i have the google deskbar, (which is great) so its not really relevent.
Although, the search box allows to search several engines at once, including ebay, Amazon, Dictionary.com which ive never seen simplicity, functionality and customizability combined in such a way before, so thats pretty cool.
And you can add or remove your own engines. all in all im getting to like this browser. I'de definatly give it a go if i were you. Its easy and quick to download too. all im missing is my 'blog this' button on the old google toolbar, infact, the old google toolbar in general was pretty useful. either way. im working on it. Most of all, Firefox is fast becoming 'net slang for 'up yours Bill' so get in there!

Good things come to those who...

Here's to Waiting

He waits, thats what he does,
and I tell you what,
tick follow tock follow tick follow tock follow tick
Ahab says "I dont care who you are, heres to your dream"
The old sailors return to the bar
"Here's to you Ahab!"
and the fat drummer hit the beat with all his heart
Here's to waiting

The Dreamer

and then there's this guy
The Dreamer.
Champion of the dream club
Whatdya drinking?
The usual.
He drifts off with questions,
and wakes up with answers
Ive just had the weirdest dream
It's a gift.
Tonights dream,
the big question,
the one we all ask,
whats the meaning of life?
Go on you rascal.
This is the dream club.
Ladies and Gentlemen please
Charge your Glasses.