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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ray Peacock

Ray Peacock

Lalala Update!
Went to comedy works again last night, its a usual Bi-weekly thing the union do, we havent missed one yet! either way, a point of interest, One of the guys did a little self promotion, www.raypeacock.blogspot.com. so i thought ide write a lil post, It's unusual, i think, to find some one who has used thier name, unadulterated or without a alterego, as a login/website/email address. the only other person i know who does this is me!, it does however make life so much easier. This is all on the presumtion that 'Ray Peacock' isnt a stage name, im guessing its true though, i am slowly working my way through his site, pretty funny guy (being a comidien and that) so lots of interesting stuff, and interesting views on life to read. I think i might slip a link to my blog in in a comment (crafty) ;-p
im off to go riding now, first time since last weeks excitment (see mtb blog for last thursday/friday). See if i can damage myself again
wish me luck


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint but 'Ray Peacock' is a character and the blog is written in character (which is still pretty unique really if you think about it.) I think if it wasn't a character he could end up in jail for some of the stuff he says. Very funny but very naughty on ocassion.

2:53 am


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