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Monday, February 14, 2005


It would appear there is a new browser on the block. Actually there are several, even ont hat lets you surf the web in 3D, viewing pages as the 'sides of cubes' and you fly around them, or something, all in all its very complicated. Which is where firefox comes in, its dead simple, and manages to block all popups without Hindering logins and you going where you WANT to go. i could just read off the page ive linked at the top, but that would be silly. so ill have a waffle about what ive noticed. Aprt fromt he lack of popups, the other main thing is that the downloads can be paused, and requeued etc, a bit like that pirate friendly site Kazza. it is also veyr simple to use, with a total of 5 buttons to use. it includes the Google search box if needed, although i have the google deskbar, (which is great) so its not really relevent.
Although, the search box allows to search several engines at once, including ebay, Amazon, Dictionary.com which ive never seen simplicity, functionality and customizability combined in such a way before, so thats pretty cool.
And you can add or remove your own engines. all in all im getting to like this browser. I'de definatly give it a go if i were you. Its easy and quick to download too. all im missing is my 'blog this' button on the old google toolbar, infact, the old google toolbar in general was pretty useful. either way. im working on it. Most of all, Firefox is fast becoming 'net slang for 'up yours Bill' so get in there!


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