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Monday, February 21, 2005


It would appear, according to the stats, ive been logging since Febuary 2004, i think that must have been the old blog which got replaced. but still! whent he stats are back and workin gfully, ill put up some numbers for you; posts, words written, visitor localities etc. It will interest me so :p
Incidently, ive gone off firefox, its cool, nice and simple and keeps out popups, but it has a few minor but irritaiting flaws, it cuts off the last cm or two off of each webpage for some reason and the tabs are all very well, but some links open a new window anyway. enither way, im back on IE6, with the 'taskbar grouping' feature turned on, and im gonna block the repeat offenders manually on the popup blocker.
muhahaha, have it!


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