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Monday, February 28, 2005

Fat Pie clay 2, Girlboy song

Fat-pie.com :: Clay animation

Girl boy song
This got me into university! It's half animated and half real footage. I took my camcorder to the lake one night with Jimi and Ant for a blaze and shot some crazy footage which I speeded up loads. Then I combined it with some animated footage I'd done about a suicidal clay model bloke thing, got Jimi to animate one of his clay models (the thing with the crazy fingers) and made some drummer bits. Eventually I threw it together with Girl/Boy song, an insanely fast Aphex song and here it is! One of my most proud moments in the field of editing. It's an explosion of colour and wide angle madness. May hurt your eyes.

I really like this one! goes perfectly with the music, and the stories kind of... i dunno, it looks liek the suicidal clay dude lives in a camcorder, or a telly, or a box, or...i dunno, make of it what you will


Blogger sausage said...

layla thinks your toned

9:41 pm

Blogger Olly said...

I do declare, im getting flabby!
despite un nessaceary amounts of exercise

10:10 pm


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