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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Meds: Placebo

Its here, i'de like to say at last, as i didnt know it was coming :$. either way, It comes out on the 13th of march i belive, and the samples have been listened to death. I can confirm it is actually 'the sex'. most albums take a while to get into, not this one, i cant decide on my favorite track, not a chance, infra-red is getting played to death at the moment, but they are all great, well nearly, 'follow the cops back home' is a bit too mellow, but its the final track, so i think it works, just not really in the mood for it very often. Buy, Enjoy.

  • 1. Meds
  • 2. Infra-red
  • 3. Drag
  • 4. Space Monkey
  • 5. Follow The Cops Back Home
  • 6. Post Blue
  • 7. Because I Want You
  • 8. Blind
  • 9. Pierrot The Clown
  • 10. Broken Promise
  • 11. One Of A Kind
  • 12. In The Cold Light Of Morning
  • 13. Song To Say Goodbye

Friday, February 24, 2006


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Shiney stuff!. its all about what you dont get, its oh so light and yummy, bash guard isnt to go on the xc stuff by the way! Think i need to do somat about MTB blog? if its not been shut down already

What the Stuarts did for Us

Damn Adam Hart Davis is a legend, I haven't watched this in aaaaaaaaages.
I've learnt so much cool stuff in the past 20 minutes im neevr going to remember it all
IE: the term 'Tip' (to tip a waiter etc), was a Tudor Acronym for 'To Insure Promptness'
you didt know that did you :p
and Bell ringing was such a popular method of keeping fit, people started Church Gymns, but the bell ringing annoyed people, so some smart alec started making a bell, with no bell (logical i guess), hence inventing the 'Dumb Bell'
muhahahahah! rock! I could go on forever, but im not going to, cause its sad.
Adam Hart Davis is my hero, its a fact!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Remote remote

Surely it'd be sensible, to put one of those keyring finder clappy things (ie, you clap and it whistles at you to help you find your keys) in remotes for stereos, when i rule the world, it'll be the law. no more lost remotes for me :D

Sunday, February 12, 2006


purple hair
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Jose has crazy Purple hair
Its ace.
:D :D
Nice photo too, even though i didnt take it :p

Wet wet wet

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We (Joe, owain and myself) are tearing round (nant y arian, continental loop) at a nippy pace, in order to keep body temperature up, and dreading a stop, chanting 'no punctures, no punctures, no punctures,' when at the furthest point in the conti moorland joes mech hanger explodes into a ball of flames, shrapnel killing several sheep and a nearby llama having walked to bont goch, we decide to phone in support form a housemate, Owain sets up camp in a phonebox to guard bikes, and me n joe head for home, to get a 3 bike bikerack, joe has gone to retrive bikes and owain nowneedless to say, i throughly enjoyed myself up to this point, and we dominated the nice clean coffee shop. so wet when we left there were 6 puddles where our shoes drained through the cleat bolt mount holes.
ive been colder but never seen nant that wet, more time riding in streams in the tracks, than in the dry. so much water it was harder to ride in bits. like a bloody gorge walk, but on bikes, obviously.

Hellish you may think, but no! having not ridden 'Alice' properly since last summer due to a monged up foot, it was the first proper outing for the new suspension and xtr mech. She floats of the rubble, and shifts gears like butter, due to the forks being 20mm longer, the geometry has been changed just enough. Its a Joy, and dealing with shitty issues like this, is one of the many reasons we ride, Single track in torrential rain is awsome by the way ;-) There is no where else i would rather have been.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Splinter Cell

Splinter cell rocks, but has the draw back of affecting my Christmas list for next year drasticaly
1 silenced pistol, 1 H&K MP7SD, some sexy night vision, webbing, rappeling gear. errrr boots?
the skills of a ninja, the equipment of a overfunded yank, oh and invulnerability. or somat, i havent thought this through really, either way. Its such fun for the rainy days (like today)