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Sunday, March 27, 2005


Im in Shrewsbury again, whoohoo, away from that lovley 10mb connection, and i have no laptop, so no pictures, no nothing really. i thought ide come say hello as i was here (am looking for printer drivers as it happens) been thinking, so much i need to do when i get back

>Change Blog description (in the orange box at the top)

>Modify Banner on 'ollymtb' (it appears twice at higeher resolutions, need to turn off repeating the banner, and possibly gradient it down to white, so it doesnt look odd.

>finish some outstanding work i dont doubt

>sort the silver DofE dates, grr, someone is causing trouble/being awkward

>fit my new saddle which should be waiting for me, if its not, it may have been sent back to CRC, will not be impressed if no one bothered to let the postie in

>read Gormangast, dunno y i just had a desire to read it.

>download Printer drivers, it wont work on a midlands 56kbps

>get my boots resoled

>get my bleed kit off andy

>get rollamajig of lee (its in the mtb blog too somwhere, search for rollamajig)

im sure there is other stuff but you know how it is, if i rememebr ill come add an edit. see u in 2 weeks, ish

[edit 17:51, same day, 27th i think]

>t' gallery blog is poo, so am gonna follow in the footsteps of the rest of the intelligent world and move to a fotopic account, but ill leave it till ive got an acceptable connection at my disposal
dont let me forget

Oh and BTW, u lot should comment more,maybe ill get a tagboard, think would make life easier, or somat, or add a 'add comment' to the top of hte page, not connected to a post, hmmm, off to think bout it

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


The piercing radiant moon,
The storming of poor June,
All the life running through her hair,

Approaching guiding light,
Our shallow years in fright,
Dreams are made winding through my head,

Through my head,
Before you know, Awake,

Your lives are open wide,
The V-chip gives them sight,
All the life running through her hair,

The spiders all in tune,
The evening of the moon,
Dreams are made winding through my head,

Through my head,
Before you know, Awake

Through my head,
Before you know,
Before you know I will be waiting all awake,

Dreams are made winding through her hair,
Dreams are made winding through her hair.

My new Gelert chair

Its time you got a new post, i was writing them everyday, but im lagging, tut, and its not like i was writing about anything useful so i dont see where the problem lies. so heres a new one.
The combination of wanting a chair to rest my weary legs after this weekends exertions, (see post in ollymtb blog), Andy having a chair this weekend, and a chair being the bargin price of 7.99 in Charlies, i ended up buying a split second purchase of a steel folding camping chair. It is a 'Gelert athena', Gelert being here, and is red and blue and has cup holders in the arms, it has a high back and is badass, and is sitting by my desk with jen in it at the moment, looking sleepy. either way, its in position so i can sit with my things on my dessk at hand, my laptop on my kneww if needs be (without rewiring the room) my feet on my bed, and a lamp behind me for reading n stuff. how kewl is that.
well i thought so at least
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Monday, March 14, 2005


As you amy have noticed, my side bar is getting cluttered, ooo jens here. erm
anyhoo, i think i need to do somat about it, but im not sure what, i could make another blog and make it look the same, or just a webpage in general
uni hosting
of to ponder

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Crap week

Well dear friends, alll in all its been one of the shittest weeks in a long time im not sure where to start really, and yes some of its been ok, but very little has been enjoyable. im gonna write this extensive list of gloom in no paticular order, so dont expect to be able to chronologise any of it (mmm i just made a word up)

1) My tikets for the DofE presentations have dissapeareed into the ether that is royal mail, the main theory is i didnt put enough stamps on and is sitting in an office somewhere, eitherway, i need them by tuesday or im fooked, and i dont have em. the waiting list for DofE presentations is close to 100 years and so im not impressed, anyhoo i cant be bothered to talk about it anymore. its been bugging em since tuesday and there is nothing i can do as everywere is shut till monday. (incidently on monday im gonna go hunt them down if i can)

2) riding today!, took nob all food, so was exhausted, running on sugar highs. concentration was down, energy was down, everything was shit, consequence of which, i stacked my bike twice, once ripped my face and arm up by getting thrown off a downhill section, second ripped shorts by wrapping em around some zip-ties or somat.
my computer isnt working, makes out we did a mere 15 km today, we did at least 30, maybe 35.

3) My headfones bust, that makes 5 pairs ive got with a broken connection in the plug end, im gona take em all to radioshack one day and get em all fixed.

4) Sausage stood me up yet again, but good and proper this time, i went to town at 9:00, she thought shed tell me she wasnt cumming at 17:30, good way to spend 8 hours. so suprisingly enough am not overly chuffed with her, some best mate.

hmmm, what else.

5) Jens had flu,

6) computers still giving me hastle

7) bike is always giving me hastle!

ho hum, ill shut up now, ive got an impossible essay to do, covered all the point needed and am a good 700 words short. 'Glacial history of north wales' sucks ass

next week had better compensate!!, i will be unimpressed if the following does not occour!

Tikets turn up on monday,
Jen's better
Compensate heavily for being of bike form by kicking ass at Student Champs
some how find money to buy, newshorts, new mp3 player n headfones, new comp, another bike, a replacement for my favorite lock knife i lost over last summer

im goin now, XXX

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jen the Ducks Braids

£146, 11 hours 30 mins and 2 heads worth nylon of hair plus original hair, carefuly extracted in the epic time of 4 hours, wev'e been goin since 8:00!
Jens off having the first shower since december at the moment, so i thougth ide take the opertunity to post the pictures of this surgical/military operation.
Too many cooks wont spoil this broth, 5 pairs of hands on one head, and it still took us 4 hours!

thats a lot of fluff!