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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jen the Ducks Braids

£146, 11 hours 30 mins and 2 heads worth nylon of hair plus original hair, carefuly extracted in the epic time of 4 hours, wev'e been goin since 8:00!
Jens off having the first shower since december at the moment, so i thougth ide take the opertunity to post the pictures of this surgical/military operation.
Too many cooks wont spoil this broth, 5 pairs of hands on one head, and it still took us 4 hours!

thats a lot of fluff!


Blogger stubod said...

That's a lot of colour to come out of someone's head, even if it is jen's.


12:58 pm

Anonymous mum said...

who are you people? what are you doing to my daughter?

9:07 am

Anonymous Billywhizz! said...

thats my friend ur destroying!!!4hours must of been hell, not for jen, for the ppl getting caught and sucked into the the beast that is ducks hair!Well dun, 4 hours, impressive!

12:06 pm


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