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Sunday, March 27, 2005


Im in Shrewsbury again, whoohoo, away from that lovley 10mb connection, and i have no laptop, so no pictures, no nothing really. i thought ide come say hello as i was here (am looking for printer drivers as it happens) been thinking, so much i need to do when i get back

>Change Blog description (in the orange box at the top)

>Modify Banner on 'ollymtb' (it appears twice at higeher resolutions, need to turn off repeating the banner, and possibly gradient it down to white, so it doesnt look odd.

>finish some outstanding work i dont doubt

>sort the silver DofE dates, grr, someone is causing trouble/being awkward

>fit my new saddle which should be waiting for me, if its not, it may have been sent back to CRC, will not be impressed if no one bothered to let the postie in

>read Gormangast, dunno y i just had a desire to read it.

>download Printer drivers, it wont work on a midlands 56kbps

>get my boots resoled

>get my bleed kit off andy

>get rollamajig of lee (its in the mtb blog too somwhere, search for rollamajig)

im sure there is other stuff but you know how it is, if i rememebr ill come add an edit. see u in 2 weeks, ish

[edit 17:51, same day, 27th i think]

>t' gallery blog is poo, so am gonna follow in the footsteps of the rest of the intelligent world and move to a fotopic account, but ill leave it till ive got an acceptable connection at my disposal
dont let me forget

Oh and BTW, u lot should comment more,maybe ill get a tagboard, think would make life easier, or somat, or add a 'add comment' to the top of hte page, not connected to a post, hmmm, off to think bout it


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