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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My new Gelert chair

Its time you got a new post, i was writing them everyday, but im lagging, tut, and its not like i was writing about anything useful so i dont see where the problem lies. so heres a new one.
The combination of wanting a chair to rest my weary legs after this weekends exertions, (see post in ollymtb blog), Andy having a chair this weekend, and a chair being the bargin price of 7.99 in Charlies, i ended up buying a split second purchase of a steel folding camping chair. It is a 'Gelert athena', Gelert being here, and is red and blue and has cup holders in the arms, it has a high back and is badass, and is sitting by my desk with jen in it at the moment, looking sleepy. either way, its in position so i can sit with my things on my dessk at hand, my laptop on my kneww if needs be (without rewiring the room) my feet on my bed, and a lamp behind me for reading n stuff. how kewl is that.
well i thought so at least
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