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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Crap week

Well dear friends, alll in all its been one of the shittest weeks in a long time im not sure where to start really, and yes some of its been ok, but very little has been enjoyable. im gonna write this extensive list of gloom in no paticular order, so dont expect to be able to chronologise any of it (mmm i just made a word up)

1) My tikets for the DofE presentations have dissapeareed into the ether that is royal mail, the main theory is i didnt put enough stamps on and is sitting in an office somewhere, eitherway, i need them by tuesday or im fooked, and i dont have em. the waiting list for DofE presentations is close to 100 years and so im not impressed, anyhoo i cant be bothered to talk about it anymore. its been bugging em since tuesday and there is nothing i can do as everywere is shut till monday. (incidently on monday im gonna go hunt them down if i can)

2) riding today!, took nob all food, so was exhausted, running on sugar highs. concentration was down, energy was down, everything was shit, consequence of which, i stacked my bike twice, once ripped my face and arm up by getting thrown off a downhill section, second ripped shorts by wrapping em around some zip-ties or somat.
my computer isnt working, makes out we did a mere 15 km today, we did at least 30, maybe 35.

3) My headfones bust, that makes 5 pairs ive got with a broken connection in the plug end, im gona take em all to radioshack one day and get em all fixed.

4) Sausage stood me up yet again, but good and proper this time, i went to town at 9:00, she thought shed tell me she wasnt cumming at 17:30, good way to spend 8 hours. so suprisingly enough am not overly chuffed with her, some best mate.

hmmm, what else.

5) Jens had flu,

6) computers still giving me hastle

7) bike is always giving me hastle!

ho hum, ill shut up now, ive got an impossible essay to do, covered all the point needed and am a good 700 words short. 'Glacial history of north wales' sucks ass

next week had better compensate!!, i will be unimpressed if the following does not occour!

Tikets turn up on monday,
Jen's better
Compensate heavily for being of bike form by kicking ass at Student Champs
some how find money to buy, newshorts, new mp3 player n headfones, new comp, another bike, a replacement for my favorite lock knife i lost over last summer

im goin now, XXX


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which knife dude??

Hope Jens better and your tickets turn up.
Publish some pics of what Jen looks like now cause we all want to know wht it looks like now.
You don't need anouther bike or MP3 player.

6:37 pm

Blogger Olly said...

goina way for a week
U gonna miss me!?!?!
not sure hwo u r
but i think i know.
i want 2 more bikes
my mp3 player is irritatingly bust
and my lock wasn ace knife, was one sammy gave me :p
not allowed now anyway
is illegal
n shit
either way, if i post, ill be in London, or the capital of scotland which i cant spell.
ill post some pix wen i get back, gotta go to bed, and get up early and on le train.
hooray ^o)

11:55 pm


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