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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

NDS homebrew

it turns out, There is SO much cool stuff for the DS!

I am converted from microsofts raw power in gaming, to the gadgetyness of nintendos and the DS quite easily having tried and tested. but the possibility for homebrew on the DS just takes it to a whole new level!
people making thier own games for a console that might as well ave been designed with homebrew in mind. its perfect for the job!

I may have mentioned the most excellent web game, crayon physics before in the past.
well now someones made a version for the DS;

pocket physics
draw shapes and structures, define thier physics and apply gravity.

its a shame gravity is so removed in an artifical world isnt it.....

NO! an NDS motion pack! a homebrew handful of a accelertometers and gyroscopes that plug into slot2 allow you to convert your static DS into a motion sensing.... thing of motion sensing.

what fun!!

Other homebrew freeware programs that i'm going to have to look into?

  • an FTP server (allowing you to access files on computer from the DS via wireless technology)
  • a remote for your computer, view the monitor via the screens and control all functions, again via wifi.
  • use it as a skype mobile
  • use the DS as a wireless game pad for PC
go homebrew!