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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Halloween has always beeen an anticlimax for me, monsters and ghouls come out to play, and i always flippin forget till liek 10 mins before the event... "oh shoite, its halloween"
This year i was going for the whole angel/fairy thing but seeing as wings were pushing 20 squid, i thought sod that for a masterplan. but now i have a much better idea, im not sure if i wana publish this, its TOP SECRET. well until saturday at least. its gonna consist of, from the bottom up, army BOOTS (of course), Black and white combat trousers, worn soldier stylee, with elastics in the ankles, Studded belt, Top half will consist of lots of black insulation tape, wrapped up mummy style, (well not completly wrapped up ;-) then over that ill have neals orange 'pensilvania psyco prison' shirt, just as a jacket, not done up.
WIll than spike up ahir with PVA, and do clown makeup, white base, lips like the jokers from batman, one eye with tears,and one with the cross thingy off the crow. it sounds mad i kno, dunno if u can picture it, but ill post u picturesor something. Its gonna be proper bo i tell thee, cant wait!!

Monday, October 25, 2004


Was a cold and windy afternoon in Aberystwyth, and Sausage and myself hd just arisen from slumber, tidied up the house and headed into town in order to catch the 12:34 to borth, to catch up with Jade n Chubby n Caz n Tim. Ne hoo, as luck would have it we missed said 12:34 and had to sit on the station for 3 hours, yawn. this was when we met Conrad, who sat down and began to tell us his story. unlike most homeless dudes he was really sociable and chatty, (despite being well under white lightning). We had 3 hours to burn and Sausage was going nowhere in stilletos. as we could make out, Conrads story goes a little something like this.
Having had a bust up with his nagging wife (not a good start), Conrad went from Glasgow to the Algarve on a few weeks holiday to get his thoughts together, where he was promptly mugged (I guess he missed out the boring holidaying bit) they took eveyrthing, his bag of clothes, money and documents, he had nothing, not even a proof of identity. so Conrad began his long trip home, apparently 9 weeks ago, but we reckon it was a little longer. having got himeslf onto a boat England, he next got the train to birmingham, and after getting kicked off for not having a ticket numerous times finaly made it to brum, where under the influance of quite a lot of booze of some description (at that point for warmth purposes only of course) he got on the night train to Shrewsbury (completley the wrong direction, ended up in Shrewsbury. Having sobered up a little, he decided to go back to birmingham (obvious plan), but then drank some more. got on the correct train, on the wrong platform, in the wrong direction. ended up in Aberystwyth some time ago, and now decided to try a make a break for birmingham again. present day and time.
At this point Conrad made a run for his bottle, which some chavs were eyeing up, so Saus and I went for lunch, chips and curry inteh crappest restraunt in the world ever, my treat. after half an hour we returned, bearing gifts of chips for our new found chum. we sat around for another hour or so, and then the trio jumped on the 3:34 to Birmingham, we got off at Borth 10 miniutes later, with Conrad who was 'asked to leave' but he was one station closer to Birmingham, and Glasgow. and that is where we left him, assuming he got on the next west bound train. Im sure somewhere between here and Timbuctu, the saga will continue.

Friday, October 22, 2004


I am finaly getting the hang of this HTML rubbish, admitadly its a case of paste an copy, or directly copy by hand short lines of code, but still! i'm impressed so :p I have managed to get not only a web counter and a tag board thingy, but also steal some code for links from Blogger (well it wasnt stealing, i found it... so there) ni would be going to town but its raining, ant its a mile, and im lazy so it can sod off. think i might pop over to Penbryn though, havent seen anyone there yet today. Sausage, Jade Caz and Chubby are coming 2moro, hooray! party weekend, shame all my house mates are going home. oh well
see y'all soon. (im saying y'all a lot recently, not good)
XXX tatty byes

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ska Rob

A dedication to the physical entity, the soul of the sisters, Rock and Punk soc. Y are his sets so great, SKA ROB. youve all seen him guys n' gals, you all kno his face, the name is a little more mysterious, but its on his T-shirt at events. never plays a bad tune, always in a good mood and hopefuly isnt psycotic, i dunno why im going on about Ska Rob. ive only spoken to the dude once. but hey im despperate for stuff to write, its day 3 and ive only got 2 posts in here. but isnt that the way blogger works you all cry, thinking of excuses to write a post.
what do ya kno. Hail. thrilling (soz got distracted for a moment there) ne hoo.
i will leave you with the joyus anthem of my (and Jennnas) Rocking, skanking, headbanging, moshing, social punk/rocsoc careers

I will stone you,stone you
Wrap my arms around you
I will stone you,stone you
My little halo

(include the arm movment all u brummies out there, u kno no one here has seen the halo swing thing, amatures)

Monday, October 18, 2004

A work in progress

Olly Roberts

Yeah yeah i kno, its only day 1 of th egreat blg, but 3 posts in one day is not bad
and ive managed to work out the naked basics of Java, to put in that free counter and chatter box thingy, now make use of em'!
i wonder how many posts ill get a day, the old ollyroberts blog had minimal, once a month posts, but then i was on dial up, now im on UWA broad-band so ahve 247 online running which is fun. so if all goes to plan, with the help of the blog button on the google toolbar,(google toolbar is well worth getting by the way) i should be blogging random thoughts and posts a few times a day. wish me luck, hope its of vague interest.



adj 1: making claim to or creating an appearance of (often undeserved) importance or distinction; "a pretentious country house"; "a pretentious fraud"; "a pretentious scholarly edition" [ant: unpretentious] 2: intended to attract notice and impress others; "an ostentatious sable coat" [syn: ostentatious] [ant: unostentatious] 3: of a display that is tawdry or vulgar [syn: ostentatious, kitsch]

someone told me i was pretentious today, because i was doodling on a piece of paper, and then went off on a long shpiel on how they hate pretentious people. to me thats and excuse to use the word pretentious, and show its in thier vocabulry, but by definintion they clearly dont know what it means, other wise they wouldn't be going on about it.
really bugs me, thats all.

in a bit, XXX

Me Me Me

Its all Me Me Me on ollyroberts.blogspot.com

Lets start with the basics, a few Vital Stats. you never kno when its going to be useful to have a few details about me available to the world, although, if I become an international terrorist (you never know) this could be my down fall, on the run from he CIA having been very careful to Leave no traces of my identity, some fool will come across this blog and just like that i'm done and dusted, literally.(although is a challenge, lets see how much useless information about me we can cram into a block of text) in which case, are you sitting comfortably? Then Ill begin

> Oliver James Roberts
Gender > M
DOB > 22/11/1985
Height > 6'5"
BG > ORH Positive
NIN > JH 34 10 43 D
Driving # > ROBER811225OJ9PK 71
UCAS# > 041114799
MP# > 07817 *** 128
Eyes > Blue
Hair >Brown
Shoes > 12.5 UK
BMI > 18
BOS# > 0442
MVC # > 633247020018104884

XC MtnBiking, Qualified Life supporting (apparently), Basic expedition Leading, Rock and Rolling, Boot wearing, boat rowing, non smoking, Guinness drinking, 7 key on key ring carrying, MP3 listening,photographing, msn messengering, webcamming, sword swinging, high kicking, back flipping, ass whipping, sleeping, breathing, walking, running, harder, faster, stronger, all around the world travelling, psycho legend doing course F640 at UWA! (also owning 16 DVDing at timing of publishing) I think... thats about it.

see ya later XXX