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Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums"

Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window
Go back to sleep
Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
See, they don't give a fuck about you, like I do.
Count the bodies like sheep
Count the bodies like sheep
Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
Count the bodies like sheep
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
Counting bodies like sheep
Go back to sleep
Go to sleep [x14]
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
Counting bodies like sheep
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
Counting bodies like sheep
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums [x2]
I’ll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons
I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason
I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
They're one in the same, I must isolate you…
Isolate and save you from yourself …

Friday, March 24, 2006

Rail Balance skiny

Rail Balance skiny
Originally uploaded by olly rob.
street ride tonite, tut tut, playing on the tracks, (it was only the rheidol narrow gauge, dosnt run at night obviously, and even the bored aber police didnt seem to mind so its all gravey), anyhoo the point was, sweet piccy, Rider: yours truly Photo: Nick

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

BUSA 2006 Mens Sport results

Busa 2006 - Sport Men

note: we assume the race lasted
1 or 2 hours, not 12 as detailed in results below
(because we cocked up the clocks, twice, in the face)

· 1 Philip Shucksmith Cardiff 12:00:24
· 2 Max Jefferies Bristol 12:01:04
· 3 Adrian Morris Loughborough 12:02:43
· 4 Ben Murray Loughborough 12:03:48
· 5 Nick Herlihy Bath 12:04:28
· 6 Paul Gibbs Loughborough 12:08:25
· 7 John Richardson Leeds 12:09:10
· 8 Alex Williams Leeds 12:11:18
· 9 Mark Upton Loughborough 12:14:46
· 10 Steve Adshead Leeds 12:15:02
· 11 Peter Thomas Nottingham 12:16:21
· 12 John Robinson Loughborough 12:16:38
· 13 Chris Dyson Leeds 12:16:49
· 14 Geraint Johns Swansea 12:17:12
· 15 Tom Henderson Southampton 12:18:16
· 16 Peter Giddings Bath 12:19:19
· 17 Vincent Leonard Bath 12:19:20
· 18 Dan McNally Leeds 12:20:26
· 19 Dafydd Chandler Leeds 12:20:26
· 20 David Jarrom Birmingham 12:22:00
· 21 James Winney Loughborough 12:22:07
· 22 Aiden Coxon Bath 12:22:33
· 23 Paul Brady York 12:22:45
· 24 Paul Griffiths Bristol 12:22:58
· 25 Tim Wheeler Bath 12:23:20
· 26 Jack Lambert Southampton 12:24:02
· 27 Tim Davis Cardiff 12:24:38
· 28 Ben Curry Bristol 12:25:12
· 29 Mike Grainger Loughborough 12:27:03
· 30 Andrew Carman Swansea 12:27:12
· 31 Angus Laurie-Pile Bristol 12:27:43
· 32 Steve Birch Southampton 12:28:44
· 33 John Weeks Manchester 12:28:59
· 34 Rob Forrest Bristol 12:29:11
· 35 Chris Chatwin Manchester 12:31:07
· 36 Robert Darling Bath 12:31:48
· 37 Andrew Winstanley Loughborough 12:31:58
· 38 Sam Trevor Warwick 12:32:16
· 39 Sam Wilkinson Harper Adams 12:33:26
· 40 Oliver Harrison Bath 12:34:23
· 41 Alex Hale Loughborough 12:34:33
· 42 Tom Blackmore Bath 12:34:50
· 43 Chris Burgess Newcastle upon Tyne 12:36:45
· 44 Charles Rowbotham Sheffield 12:36:46
· 45 Oliver Roberts Aberystwyth 12:36:58
· 46 Matthew Barnicot Cardiff 12:37:11
· 47 Luke Twigg Leicester 12:37:28
· 48 David Horn Leeds 12:39:12
· 49 Gerard Tennant Nottingham 12:40:16
· 50 Ian Taylor Newcastle upon Tyne 12:40:35
· 51 Vanrisch McLean Manchester 12:42:57
· 52 Rhodri Morris Aberystwyth 12:44:33
53 Rowan Bomphrey Warwick 12:46:23
· 54 Oliver Clayton Cardiff 12:51:29
· 55 John Himsworth Nottingham 12:56:02
· 56 Richard Goodyear Sheffield Hallam 13:07:13
· 57 Ryan West Sheffield Hallam 13:07:13

*** Dropped out after 2 laps below this line ***
· 58 Adam Simpson Edinburgh 11:38:20
· 59 Matt Barsby Bath 11:49:51
· 60 Dave Hill Newcastle upon Tyne 11:51:28
· 61 David Hitchings Bath 11:53:42
· 62 Stuart Walker Sheffield 11:54:59

· 63 Jack Wilcock Aberystwyth 11:55:07
· 64 Simon Notley Nottingham 11:55:25
· 65 Colin Turner Sheffield 11:58:11
· 66 Tim Scott Edinburgh 11:58:17
· 67 Chris Hind Newcastle upon Tyne 11:58:37
· 68 William Ritchie Sheffield 11:59:29
· 69 James Lumb Nottingham 11:59:54
· 70 Philip Dixon Northumbria 12:00:12
· 71 Gregory Carr Manchester 12:00:39
· 72 Simon Holehan Sheffield Hallam 12:00:57
· 73 Geraint Jones Harper Adams 12:01:20
· 74 Steve McFadden Birmingham 12:02:07
· 75 Will Lowe Bath 12:03:16
· 76 Robin Elliot Nottingham 12:06:54
· 77 Revata Seneviratne Imperial 12:08:51
· 78 Patrick Aldis Birmingham 12:08:58
· 79 Jon Stammers York 12:09:05
· 80 Anthony Rusted Nottingham 12:09:17
· 81 Mark Jackson Bristol 12:10:00
· 82 Chris Born Bristol 12:11:02
· 83 Matthew Sissons Bath 12:12:01
· 84 Chris Hutchins Bristol 12:12:03
· 85 Nick Jones Exeter 12:12:57
· 86 Gary Poolman Exeter 12:13:04
· 87 Richard Plumb Manchester 12:17:39
· 88 Chris Perry Southampton 12:20:54
· 89 Tom Dupree Southampton 12:21:00
· 90 Juan Fernandez-Larmona Southampton 12:21:05
· 91 Phil Richardson Cardiff 12:21:11
· 92 Joe Howard Aberystwyth 12:26:43
· 93 Michael Macnair York 12:26:54
· 94 Mark Irwin Warwick 12:40:00
· 95 Iain+AdrianWallace+Lai York 13:00:44
· 96 Rob Spragg Bath 10:59:34
· 97 Robert Stanyer Sheffield 11:10:46
· 98 Daniel Pettitt Nottingham 11:11:57
· 99 Andrew Prag Imperial 11:12:19
· 100 Joeseph Reeves Cardiff 11:27:48
· 101 Sami Choudhury Imperial 11:37:11
· 102 Alex Wood Imperial 11:40:54
· 103 Will Poulson Northumbria 11:41:16
· 104 Adam Keasey Warwick 11:43:01
· 105 Andrew McDonald Sheffield 11:55:35

Clicky here for all the results

A Third, named Lust

I Want a roadie bike again :( for commuting so i dont have lo leave Alice lying about to get nicked, and for roadie riding when im home, cause lets face it its so much easier than finding trails n stuff (lived there for how long and dont know of any!) nehoo, it goes like the pedal, a side for commuting, and a side for pottering and 'training' with my Spds on, huzzah for spds! ho hum, i cant afford it, maybe ill have a peruse in craft, but then again im not sure theyll have much. and ive got better things to spend money on. (its not just a roadie bike as ever, i woudlnt mind a Giant Faith, Reign, or even and anthem for XCing, but thats the way it goes i guess, maybe ill just buy the entire Giant range, quite a sad extent of manafacturer loyalty i think) slaters la

Monday, March 20, 2006

Post Pedal

Post Pedal
Originally uploaded by olly rob.
To say the least, BUSA Mountain bike racing was a little slushy, i dont think ive ever been quite so cold in a tent, in a sleeping bag, in 4 hoodys and 2 pairs of trousers and still shivering to a semi doze kind of sleep, but no actual sleep, Shropshire is officialy the muddiest place on earth, and there was far too much pushing in that race for my liking, most of the single track was on the old Downhill trails, and so the climbing single track was steep and loose and wet, equaling at least a third of the race running pushing or carrying... grr and bugger! Not a patch on last year, ho hum, fun and giggles was had by all, but undoubtdly, the all round verdict for the weekend was 'hellish and hard work' Oh well, next year promises to be a giggle, with a Hard-tail Downhill category ill be joining the '2bikes' fraternity good and proper, and it cant get much worse than this year eh. ho hum, bored now, im off to look into brakes, thinkim going to transfer my Hopes onto my XC bike as they keep the mudd out better, and put the MPHs on the street bike, as they wont need to keep the mud out, in theory, via a throrough stripping and seal change i think though. 843 - 'slaters la'

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Busas up and coming (inter-uni mountain bike race), Cant wait, huzzah, hows this for team support :D Need new tyres though :( doh, more money i dont have

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kiss me!

Kisses equal Peaunts
Peaunts equal Ability to buy beautiful things for beautiful people

So promote the joyus giving of 'Stuff' and "KISS" me damn it!

(anyone who actually kisses me gets the smackdown laid on thier ass)

For the record Xuqa sucks bum and is incredibly emo and so i have no issues with outright thieving source code to make this post, muhahaha

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Originally uploaded by olly rob.
This colourful little bugger was wedged in Joses spokes earlier on this misty damp day, i would have moved him to the pond if he was brown, but he was practically glowing, so i thought ide leave him to it, he has subsequently, buggered off.

Sir David Attenborough

I was going to say something useful, but i think it will have to follow on from the Adam Hart Davis Post, stating that Sir David Attenborough, Knight of the round table (of sorts) is a demi-god, at the very least. Think i may look into buying his lifes work, 'the complete works of Attenborough' as it were
Rock. Bring on Planet Earth next episode. BBC1, Sunday at 9, i do believe!

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Dont Cry Emo Kid, you'll melt
Originally uploaded by olly rob.
You cant Deny its the best snowman
ever. Dubious build team pix with Rich Jeff and Me on Flickr. And pictures of the 12 - 1 snowball fight. It was a good night!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Originally uploaded by olly rob.
Shes Finished, apart from new tyres within 4 months and new brake Pads within 6, but they dont count really. Im going to stop talking so you can oogle at her beauty. its bike porn i tell you, Clicky to go to Flickr for a better look (with labels and more shiny bits)
Its true love for sure

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Its official, i have done bugger all today, well actually thats a fib, but not a very big one. In total i have achieved in the past 24 hours
  • Took Alice, the xc bike, round the block to try out new cranks and check the indexing, sorted the indexing and discovered to my relief that this new drive chain is infinatly better than the one i had before, AND i got it indexed to within a Gnats crotchet of bob on. However this excersion was the grant total of a 10 minute walk, if that, so a 2 minute ride, ish.
  • Having indexed it, i decided to read the side of the can of GT85, (boredom and cold combined) however, GT85 is not just a lubricant containing PTFE (teflon) and a rust buster, it is also a good furniture polish apparently, so using a soft cloth, tried applying a squirt to the frame. Its great, eats all dirt and grease, leaving frame like new, careful of disks but wow! also leaves a microscopic layer of teflon over the bike, so theorey is, if its preserved ok, or even applied preride (thinks for a moment) it would make future cleaning a doddle.
  • Tidied gear cable, cut loose frays out and glued the ends to the remainder of the body to prevent fraying, hope i havent Araldited the cables solid though.
  • Rich and I spent 4 hours this morning dominating Starsky and Hutch on the Sexbox, its a class game, most comical chuckles we had.

In my defense, it has been chilly as Jack frost today, we had an impromptue snowball scuffle (or on second thoughts that was yesterday, ending in snow pancakes, interesting to say the least) Scrub that last one. either way, we had some quantity of snow, and riding was pretty out of the question, (as im a mincer)

Started eating and drinking to keep entertained, mmm coffee overdose, and accidently/on purpose ate one of Ads Lasagnes, (i could have sworn it was mine)

what else have i been up to? (i understand im waffeling, but hell im not ready to go to bed yet) not a whole lot to be honest,

looking forward awfully (how Enid blighton was that?) to going on a ride with Jose and her parentals and friends on saturday. dunno why :S maybe its the prospect of a ride where im not chasing or being chased by some one hellishly fitter and quicker than me. [EDIT: im not implying they are slow, you must understand Si and Owain are usualy on a mission, and rather nippy, ie: riding to nant on sunday, 12km of 10%, Si caught me in 25 minutes, after i had a 20/15 minute headstart, that makes him nearly twice my speed, or somat. the bugger]

I had a long think about the future yesterday, the house i want to have, Job perhaps, even what to do my dissertation on, it was going to be on dust, but lets face it, thats a shit idea. Quite taken with building materials at the moment, thats Charlies, he got horrendously excited about it in our last lecture. wonder if it'l last. I wonder if anyones gonna get this far and actually read it, i bet no one ever does. And on that note im going to go to a random blog and have a read, and then another, and have a read, if i find anything of interest ill post it up for you, you dedicated few who actually got this far, well done.

As melv would say, (assume my names Melvyn for a moment) "Melv Out"