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Monday, March 20, 2006

Post Pedal

Post Pedal
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To say the least, BUSA Mountain bike racing was a little slushy, i dont think ive ever been quite so cold in a tent, in a sleeping bag, in 4 hoodys and 2 pairs of trousers and still shivering to a semi doze kind of sleep, but no actual sleep, Shropshire is officialy the muddiest place on earth, and there was far too much pushing in that race for my liking, most of the single track was on the old Downhill trails, and so the climbing single track was steep and loose and wet, equaling at least a third of the race running pushing or carrying... grr and bugger! Not a patch on last year, ho hum, fun and giggles was had by all, but undoubtdly, the all round verdict for the weekend was 'hellish and hard work' Oh well, next year promises to be a giggle, with a Hard-tail Downhill category ill be joining the '2bikes' fraternity good and proper, and it cant get much worse than this year eh. ho hum, bored now, im off to look into brakes, thinkim going to transfer my Hopes onto my XC bike as they keep the mudd out better, and put the MPHs on the street bike, as they wont need to keep the mud out, in theory, via a throrough stripping and seal change i think though. 843 - 'slaters la'


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