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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Meds: Placebo

Its here, i'de like to say at last, as i didnt know it was coming :$. either way, It comes out on the 13th of march i belive, and the samples have been listened to death. I can confirm it is actually 'the sex'. most albums take a while to get into, not this one, i cant decide on my favorite track, not a chance, infra-red is getting played to death at the moment, but they are all great, well nearly, 'follow the cops back home' is a bit too mellow, but its the final track, so i think it works, just not really in the mood for it very often. Buy, Enjoy.

  • 1. Meds
  • 2. Infra-red
  • 3. Drag
  • 4. Space Monkey
  • 5. Follow The Cops Back Home
  • 6. Post Blue
  • 7. Because I Want You
  • 8. Blind
  • 9. Pierrot The Clown
  • 10. Broken Promise
  • 11. One Of A Kind
  • 12. In The Cold Light Of Morning
  • 13. Song To Say Goodbye


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