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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Flicker, yet again, sorry.

Oh FFS it just gets better and better

This hunky lump of fun, is a wirelessly enabled photo frame, you subscribe it to a friends photo feed on Flickr, and everytime a new photo is put on, it updates, or it runs slideshows, or it changes randomly, or... omg its the future. THIS is what the internet was designed for
heres som blurb, ripped of Flickr:

Flickr-enabled LCD Frame eStarling has released a Flickr-enabled standalone Wi-Fi LCD picture frame, which we've always wanted (and which you can make yourself if you're handy enough). This is the perfect gift for grandma. Plug it in, subscribe to your family's Flickr feeds, and you're ready to go! It's $250 on Thinkgeek (though we're hoping the price on these will fall when there's more competition!)

OK i rilli should go to bed, if youve only just checked in, u may want to check back a few posts, its been somat liek 5 posts this afternoon. Much love. xx


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