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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Its official, i have done bugger all today, well actually thats a fib, but not a very big one. In total i have achieved in the past 24 hours
  • Took Alice, the xc bike, round the block to try out new cranks and check the indexing, sorted the indexing and discovered to my relief that this new drive chain is infinatly better than the one i had before, AND i got it indexed to within a Gnats crotchet of bob on. However this excersion was the grant total of a 10 minute walk, if that, so a 2 minute ride, ish.
  • Having indexed it, i decided to read the side of the can of GT85, (boredom and cold combined) however, GT85 is not just a lubricant containing PTFE (teflon) and a rust buster, it is also a good furniture polish apparently, so using a soft cloth, tried applying a squirt to the frame. Its great, eats all dirt and grease, leaving frame like new, careful of disks but wow! also leaves a microscopic layer of teflon over the bike, so theorey is, if its preserved ok, or even applied preride (thinks for a moment) it would make future cleaning a doddle.
  • Tidied gear cable, cut loose frays out and glued the ends to the remainder of the body to prevent fraying, hope i havent Araldited the cables solid though.
  • Rich and I spent 4 hours this morning dominating Starsky and Hutch on the Sexbox, its a class game, most comical chuckles we had.

In my defense, it has been chilly as Jack frost today, we had an impromptue snowball scuffle (or on second thoughts that was yesterday, ending in snow pancakes, interesting to say the least) Scrub that last one. either way, we had some quantity of snow, and riding was pretty out of the question, (as im a mincer)

Started eating and drinking to keep entertained, mmm coffee overdose, and accidently/on purpose ate one of Ads Lasagnes, (i could have sworn it was mine)

what else have i been up to? (i understand im waffeling, but hell im not ready to go to bed yet) not a whole lot to be honest,

looking forward awfully (how Enid blighton was that?) to going on a ride with Jose and her parentals and friends on saturday. dunno why :S maybe its the prospect of a ride where im not chasing or being chased by some one hellishly fitter and quicker than me. [EDIT: im not implying they are slow, you must understand Si and Owain are usualy on a mission, and rather nippy, ie: riding to nant on sunday, 12km of 10%, Si caught me in 25 minutes, after i had a 20/15 minute headstart, that makes him nearly twice my speed, or somat. the bugger]

I had a long think about the future yesterday, the house i want to have, Job perhaps, even what to do my dissertation on, it was going to be on dust, but lets face it, thats a shit idea. Quite taken with building materials at the moment, thats Charlies, he got horrendously excited about it in our last lecture. wonder if it'l last. I wonder if anyones gonna get this far and actually read it, i bet no one ever does. And on that note im going to go to a random blog and have a read, and then another, and have a read, if i find anything of interest ill post it up for you, you dedicated few who actually got this far, well done.

As melv would say, (assume my names Melvyn for a moment) "Melv Out"


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