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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Third, named Lust

I Want a roadie bike again :( for commuting so i dont have lo leave Alice lying about to get nicked, and for roadie riding when im home, cause lets face it its so much easier than finding trails n stuff (lived there for how long and dont know of any!) nehoo, it goes like the pedal, a side for commuting, and a side for pottering and 'training' with my Spds on, huzzah for spds! ho hum, i cant afford it, maybe ill have a peruse in craft, but then again im not sure theyll have much. and ive got better things to spend money on. (its not just a roadie bike as ever, i woudlnt mind a Giant Faith, Reign, or even and anthem for XCing, but thats the way it goes i guess, maybe ill just buy the entire Giant range, quite a sad extent of manafacturer loyalty i think) slaters la


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