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Thursday, June 16, 2005

That cat should not be here

Am back again, probaby due to the fact that i havent spoken to u guys in ages, ure either never online, off running or have bust msn.and if that dosent apply, its possible u just plain ol' iritate me ;-)
However, i feel the most pertenant reason is that we are watching Mike Myers in the cat and the hat annd its rubbish. basicly all the Austin powers characters, rolled int one, poorly dressed as a cat. growl.
Bin in Wolverhampton all day setting up 'mon peres' exhibition. Yesterday, it got desperate, teh lego was forced to be reinstated, and hadd a thrilling evening building a secret island base for Evil jeff... ROCK AND ROLL!!!
Melv want to seel me his lil street bike, and now, once again im confused about bikes, argh my head. Think i need to have a roll around on one, see what i like and what to do. Oh well, the last post was extensive, so ill shut up now. Dont let me forget Fathers day on sunday! and its Harris birthday on saturday, so happy birthday prettty lady! Missing you all, still. Thinking about u loads of course, luv me ;-) (L)
(off to be creative with lego!)(oo, the credits tune from the cat in the hat is quite fun "smash mouth, 'hang on'")


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