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Friday, June 03, 2005

Summer calling

Back in Shrews again, away from aber for 3 months, and feeling most weird.
Really looking forward to next term, but nice to be back again, and i can ride everyday. Its going to be a roadie summer.
Missing Aber already, but feeling quite Ambivolant about who i miss, but also how i miss them.
My phone is knackerd, so no texts im afraid guys, and im wrestling with a 34.6Kbps connection.
Am once again, undecided about the bike i want, Had a sit on an Acid today, and it just feels wrong, The Specialized P3 is nice, but a bit over priced compared, How about a Giant STP, a cross between the two, gah decision, and i need a job first to pay for it, so im off to get some food, and then fill in the manyt forms i picked up today. Joyus ^o)
Had a fiddle with bike again which was nice, putting it back together after it was packed in the car, and fittng the rollamajig to it, is well cool, cant belive we got all my stuff in the back of a 206!!, suspension was not happy about it though, i would imagine it was handling like a boat too, but i wasnt driving so who knos, wnho cares. Anyhoo, im waffeling, so im off for food. Byeee


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