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Thursday, May 26, 2005



We have decided we are haing a house website/blog next year, and here it is, i doubt much will go in till next year, its no where near finished (they never are though, spent past hour fiddling witht this one)
New House tee shirts came through today, and names are inthe cool batman font, so i thought ide base the new logo on the website round that.
Hope u like it :)
Team members on the new website are thus, as named on our shirts

Oily 11 (me)
Tricky 6 (mr rich)
The Evil 1 (Evil jeff)
Captain Sensible 2 (Ad)
Munch 8 (neal)
Miss Jen (the american correspondant)

Im sure we will coem up in many pictures to come, probably from saturday, the end of term house pissup


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