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Sunday, May 08, 2005


I think i have come to that stage God got to, He's made the universe, done what needed to be done, sorted out his(/her) space, organised it into time, and once everything was reet* (*alright in northen) was instantaniously bored. So he decided to be creative.
I used to be creative, read books (althought thats letting someone else be creative and just absorbing it by osmosis), Paint little plastic people, Make Planes, cars, God knows what else (he should, hes been there too)
Now my creativity involves tidying my desk in new, interesting ways, reinventing myself via ebay, listening to music and wishing i could play double bass. I s'pose riding a bike is kinda creative, well not so much creative but its useful and worthy of counting as somat good in life n stuff.
The most creative thing in my life as it stands, is this cyber entity you behold before you (creative sentance i though ;-p )
either way, i think i need to be creative, im kinda torn between,
Lego> Aber Uni needs a lego society, and lets face it lego rocks, without it, we are all lost. (somehow)
Writing> Have this series of random daydreams, which have slowly been tied together, and am now forming a kinda story, or at least sitation on which to base a story on, in my head. I could get round to writing it down one day, make me a few million, maybe billion if im having an exceptionally good day
Photographs> Seemed like a good idea few timees, much as ive tried, i kinda plateau, get the occasional nice shot, but really never get anywhere significant.
Ah well, maybe one day ill get round to reading the Gormenghast trilogy, which is still sitting on my desk collecting dust, and maybe that will inspire me, to write great fiction, photograph antastic landscapes, or just build lego spires.
I think God made a massive mistake though, he should have skipped humanity n' that, and just gone to the lego phase, Being God, he'd never be looking for that ellusive red brick, never searching for a brick with just a solitary pair of studs more than the one hes holding.
Will be raiding the loft next weekend me-thinks

[P.S, Wow, imagine a planet, where everything is lego, Windsor eat your scarlet blocky heart out]
[P.P.S, anyone who goes on about how atoms are the lego of the universe and i should be making things with chemistry, gets a slap, thats a real slap, not a metaphorical slap, chemistry sucks]



Blogger Olly said...

apparently im rambling in this one ^o)
i think someone has missed the point of the whole thing

11:42 pm

Blogger Spikyt said...

The lego club will never work *sighs*

6:58 am


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