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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tea emergency

What would posses a man, to stop his work, descend a flight of stairs, put the kettle on.Then make himself a cup of tea and then go back upstairs to work, only, without he cupof tea. He then sits down without the cup of tea and proceed to work. Surely he would miss his leaf diffusion hot beverage???
clearly not, this is a worryingly repetative event in our house!
Neal, whats going on in your mind!!!
respect you brew!
i think this may be a question ot be put to the expert, ill let you kno what she has to say, if anything.
in the meantime



Blogger Carolyn said...

That post made me want tea with cream and sugar...sadly, I have none at work. Damn.

7:30 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Olve'r I have been wondering this same thing myself. Why do I leave my tea behind when I spend the time and effort to make it? I've come to two possible conclusions 1- im bored and only making a cup of tea so as to have something to do...or 2-Im seeking to make the perfect cup of tea, and when i sometimes fail perhaps my brain doesnt want to live up to the fact and realise and so makes me forget. Then again it could be 20 past 4, and I may be wanting another cup of tea.

anyhows regards Neal!!!

3:22 am


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