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Monday, May 23, 2005

Image America

Image America

Impressive what people are doing with blogs now.
This guy has never touched his apparently, of even accesd it on a computer he take photos on his camera phone, posts them through his mobile, and hired a web developmet team to sort out the funky flash website, probably phoning them on his mobile!
A profesional photographer, on a trip across america with a new phone, whizzy, nice photos too, i want me a new camera phone!
i definatly need a domain name!
thats one of next years jobs i think


Blogger Bill Roberts said...

coincedently, the telegraph, on saturday, published an artice in their +Books section titled "The influence of the litblog" arts.telegraph.co.uk it mentions some pretty interesting blogs such as marksarvas.blogs.com/elegvar/ and the circle of literary criticism and suggestion often formed by 'bloggers' it also discusses, one of my main inspirations, Belle de jour-a novel formed from a call girls blog. Obviously my blog is of gtreat interest too and u shud vidsit (please, im desperate!) www.billywhizz.blogspot.com Mwah bill

3:49 pm


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