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Friday, May 27, 2005

Big Bother

channel4.com - Big Brother

Big brother five is up and running tonite.
WHY?!!! have people got no lives, i know its Billy Connolleys Gag, but all you sad chavs out there, are sitting in a house, whatching people. sitting in a house, reading about people sitting in a house. and like you, they also are unemployed scroungers. Get a life, get a sexy raincoat and live a little, but its not raining as it summer, so you odnt even need to do that. For gods sake your even stuck inside, on a beautiful day, watching people sunbathe on TV
What the hell!?!?!
Die big brother die. I for one will be watching precisly 0 miniutes of big brother because i am (had u guessed?) not a fan. I have a sexy bike, and something to do with my time. Gah!!!!!

This is Oscar Romeo Two to Romeo November Four, requesting Fire mission, location follows, Tango Quebec One Niner Seven Niner Six Niner. Over

Mmmm, napalming BB studios


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its big brother 6 not 5. also they r not all chavs that watch BB. I love Kemal, he soooo camp nd funny.

3:06 pm

Blogger Olly said...


camp is soooooo cooool!!!!!

4:13 pm


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