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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Little black book

It is most odd, being back, I have just filled in yet another Application form, and packaged up an MP3 player which needs to be posted to london. I have no idea why im writing , or even what im writing, in fact, stop reading now as it will be complete waffle.
Not having the internet is weird, i am used to coming back to my laptop to a barrage of blue flashing toolbar icons, it is very quiet here. And guess what, suprise suprise ive got a puncture, and cant get out and about.
Ive got another little notebook, the last one was quite succesful, as a place for doodling ideas and general brain excrement, but this one is taking a while to take off, ihave lots of things to go in it in mind, but i just can never seem to be bothered to retrive it from my pocket or wherever it may be, odd really. I think i need to start writing letters too, no one writes letters nowadays, and i have so many people i could write to, i got a letter off jen today, general brain fart letter, but its all good, was nice to hear a friendly voice again, although her writing is most tiny, and not writing i recognise, as she always wrote to me in angular block caps back in aber (nearly sed 'back home' then) Must write to her, and must write to Chris too, i think i may be loosing touch with her, and that be most un-good. Still havent sewn the patch of the flag she sent me onton anything, it hink it may go on some clothing or something, am gonna get me some cheap ass richleys jeans when i get back, and stick pathces on them, not all over them, greasy style, but so it is just a bit more intereseting, want a big red dragon to go on a pair on its own, like Angies, quite kewl i thought. i think the dutch flag wil have to grace a pair for sure, ill keep my eyes open for other cool patches, preferably with meaning.
This iitself is one of the many things i have to write in my lil book, arse monkeys. I could write things i want to blog about in it too couldnt i, I'm always forgeting what i was gonna say, ahh the possibilities.
I wonder if yo can get patches of singular letters, like number plate type letters, UWAMTB on the ass of a pair, that be cool, with the bototm of the letters in the pockets, rather than over or on, in fact, anything writen like that. I wil have to go talk to jess about customising clothes, we do that from time o time, tis most fun, she made this tee shirt which was quite cool, green with white stencil on it 'Ninjas against Bush' Random but i liked it.
SO much to do next term, such little time, i really hope i get to go onthe freshers ride, but i think i may be busy with DofE and crap like that, damnation, am most looking forward to the freshers ride, i think it will all be under control, as long as i keep it all undercontrol and write it down so i dont forget whats going on, quite possibly in my little black book.
Well it hink ive bored you enough, i told you not to read on didnt i?! Im offto write a reminder in my little black book, to remind me to write in my little black book more

Written in Notepad at 12:20, Lunch time, Thursday 9th, mmm lunch

[Addition: MSN isnt working, possibly a bust cable, ^o) Alex, grrr. Will have to speak to you all soon some other way, apologies for any barrage of txts, missing you]


Blogger Bill Roberts said...

hehe i have a lil blue book that i often think about writing in, but laziness is so much easier!Hope u have a good summer, im listening to simon and garfunkel and feeling all country-y Madness (Stupid revision!)

1:20 pm


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