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Friday, June 24, 2005


A compilation of all the stuff i want to blog, but cant cause of dial up, if it gets read at all all be most impressed.

>>And so it begins

Woooo! As you may have noticed, its been sweltering for the past weeek or so, grrr. so today, when the heavans opened with the fist display of thunder, lightning and lots of water, it was the perfect time for a pedal around the block, just like being back in aber, although slightly more tropical. Am decidedly moist to say the least.
[18:00 19/06/2005]

I was on my way to waffle on about morbid curiosity, and gay marriges too (in no relationship to each other it must be said!(i was watching the thing about massachusettes allowing same sex marriges, thats all. Anyhoo, the adorable Batemantor sent me a txt, and in the blink of an eye we are meeting up in shrews 2moz to catch up , if only the rest of life was really that simple, ho hum. Eitherway, ive forgotten what i was going to say about Morbid curiosity and Gay marrige in no connecting context, so ill shut up, where have all these capital letters come from? argh!
[23:03 19/06/2005]

Dude, if i press F5 i can add date and time stamp on word (as im using notepad to write blogs in case you hadnt noticed, becaus we are on crappy dial up out here in the stiks, so i dont like waiting for it and then it crashing etc) ne hoo, ill shut up now, check out auto the time stamp
[23:05 19/06/2005]

>>Morg's BIrthday

Happy Birthday Morgs you vile beast ;-)
back to snobs last night, what a hole, is ace. ears are stll ringing, and some muppet thought it would be a good idea to crash in the conservatory at toms, woke up in a sauna sweat bath.
Have lost my little black book damn it!, i found loads of stuff to go in it during my extensive conversations with Rach, Claire n the gys n gals at toms. damn it, cant be far away. not happy. think im going to buy me a PDA next term, assuming ive got the money, getting my ass wireless wot with every othher coffee shop offereing free use of wifi hospots. and i think im gonna get melvs bike, it may be too small, but it would be BMXy then wouldent it. nehoo, off to shower, i hum. xxx
16:01 23/06/2005

Found my lil black book, woo. speaking of books, have decided (again) to start reading again, so went to the works and got the boxed set of the Narnia Chronicles for £6.99 Jens idea i kno :@, but hey. ill let you know if i actually get into them, i should hope so, hardly heavy going. Ok, am ACTUALLY going for a shower nowx
16:17 23/06/2005


Dude, went for a pedal today and took a few snaps from around and about, and got he most awsome close up of a bee doing a fly-by on an awsome muddy bike, well i liked it, ill try and get it online and stick in a hyperlink, came back from Brum yesterday, and then on to an extensive talk by Sir David Puttnam,was quite interesting, but i was soooo tired it as untrue, and being part of Christian Faith festival week, which ment i was sat next to some dude called david, who was most hap cllappy, and when he found out i wasnt part of The Aber CU, refused to talk to me all week, Argh roll on Aber, got my job in Argos today, looks like fun, now i got an interview at Sainsburys 2moz, and an interview in Percy Throwers next week.I think ide prefer the PT job, but i dunno about Pay. Was thinking about the union steps and the 'stanley knife' earlier, missing aber still, once i get in to the monotany of employment/out of the house, ill be reet, is gonna be odd next term, certain people too close, certain people too far away, and much more dificult too move between the two. Just realised also today, that if i do get a Wireless enabled PDA, ill be able to blog infinatly more easil, and be able to blog the little things i think of and then forget by the time i get to a computer, those spur of the moment, 'you had to be there', moments
22:21 24/06/2005


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