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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Iced Tea

Holy Refreshing Diffuse Beverage shortage Batman, Spent around 5 hours searching high and low for Iced Tea in Shrewsbury yesterday, NOWHERE< nd i really mean NOOOWHERE!!! stocks iced tea in shrews. growl tastic, and then to mock us, there were liption stickers everywhere, and when we gave up and sat down, Charlie noticed the bench we were sitting on was dedicated to the memmory of some Tipton guy (like Lipton, only not)We sat round, thought of things which were cool, and pointed out to people how crap they were (well to ourselves at least) We wrote a few things down int eh little black book, and we went to see Batman again cause its ace. We have to watch ALien Versus Predator too soon damn it!, infact, all the aliens aswell!
AND when i get my PDA, (which have decided i rilli want now), ill be able to blog to you from where ever... ive sed this already havent i. Hmm, well i was htinking i could have a monolog of my life, only more of a Monoblog.
ill shut up now, gtg make a CD of dudey pictures for JP


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