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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sorbet Revolution

Its A Sorbet revolution, officially, the best ice-cream product in the WHOLE UNIVERSE, is Nestle Frubetto, Gurgle, sooo tasty, had one of every flavour today, and one yesterday too. A fruity sorbet including fruity bits, in a lolly stylee shell, it dosent get much better on a sweltering pre storm day, and speaking of which, 'Kerflash', it has begun. How much of an awsome word is that, 'Kerflash'. 'Kerfash', Copyright, me, as of now, Patent pending.
Argh its so irritating here, i had just managed to get online, and was talking to Lucy the Bubble and then alex annonces she wants the phone, grrr, shes always on the phone line. Only want to catch up with people and publish Posts that written offline, growl. Gonna make the line bleep again, i swear shes doing it to annoy me. Hate the way she demands things, as if i owe her, they both do it to be fair. growl (again).
Got quite a few tasty photos over the past few days, but damn dial up wont let me show yu very easily, so you'll have to wait till we get back. (as soon as possible, or at least as soon as my overdraft is sorted, so could be in a mere 5 weeks :D hooray.
Have once again found tonnes of stuff i want to buy, i think im ging to start a birthday list, cause i need to save for my bike/palm-top.
Its all going inteh little black book, which is now alive and well. Anyhoo, im waffeling, so see you all asap. miss you aber. XXX

[deleted picture, its pixilatyness was getting up my bum]


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