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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Biosphere MK1

At around a year old, im pretty impressed this little jar is still alive, let alone thriving (so it would seem). I'm a little confused how there always seems to be only one snail and one water beetle, but im sure they work it out some how between them (if you dont follow my gist go and read up on Noahs ark)

Nehoo, for such a tiny jar, with a rather small air buffer at the top (air buffers absorb any excess either O2 or CO2 and help the system balance, to balance a Biosphere with no air buffer is supposedly very tricky) i'm pretty impressed.
im gonna try a bigger jar next i think, with a big wine making jar, though i chose this sweet & sour sauce jar due to its flat sides, letting it be viewed very comfortably.
if i do get round to a big one, ill keep mon weblog updated with its progress of course.


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