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Monday, May 28, 2007


I see you! Sorry for the lack of activity recently chaps and chappettes (snigger, chaps) maybe this wandering across the sea of interwebspace will spur me into action (and avoidance of job seeking/driving)!

Each point represents a location, but if more than one point are very close together they represent more than one and you clicky to expand, (for instance london represents 13 ISPs, where as Swansea represents 1)

Nehoo hello to who im guessing is Rory (Derby), perhaps Ms Peak or Cash represented as being in Notts, Ive no ide who lives on the isle of man, funny place to have a server, but i guess there has to be one really. Morgs or Trickleson in Manc land and though you cant see it on the map Hullo to Japan too! i hope your search for "Emo" turned up a bit more than a post i made in 2005! (this is becoming quite a "shout out" session, how chavvy.

tis quite crazy all the stuff i can see here, and maybe scary if you are that way inclined, but i wouldnt be too bothered because anyone can see it if they know where to look, so the only way to avoid broadcasting the info is to stay offline! nehoo, i'll keep all your ISPs, operating systems, screen resolutions, and where else you have been to myself, in a ninja honour stylee!

taraaa all! xxxxx much love


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