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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The mobile Blogging saga

Mobile blogging is winding me up NO end,
THEORETICALY i should be able to send MMS messages to blogger and have them published as posts... But Nooooo, it wont play, not matter what i try to do.
i eventually found a little program for my mobile, which would do it, and after getting it warmed up and all the data entered into it, the username box for the blogger account was too short by 1 letter!!, if i hadnt upgraded to the new blogger (which is no different for me whatsoever) it would have worked.
I, as you may have gathered, have found a VERY convoluted way of sending messages to blogger, via remote sms email accounts on my phone, but this limits me to 125 characthers, and is a bit rubbish to be honest. NOT what i wanted.
I think I will go and harrass orange tommorow and find out why my email on my phone dosent work properly.
grrr and bugger!
and dont get me STARTED on remote connections to flickr! do i risk winding myself up with exploring picassa??


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