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Monday, February 12, 2007

Jelly Bone

Jello? Jello?!!! Is this thing on?
I got a new Jelly Bone, and although it had some rather stressful 'teething' troubles it is now [Touch Wood!] fixed. It comes with a rubbish operating system (which Siemens dont deny) and they offer an up grade for the software version, which snowballed into more problems
nehoo, i sorted the mess that was the file structure on the handset, had a go at a poor man in a call center in india and now its gravy
(though i have a Horrible feeling im jinxing all this now by saying this) my new number is visible on MSN and on Facebook, so those of you who know me know where to get it
Giggety Giggety.
Olly Out


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