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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beta.Blogger anyone?

Beta.Blogger is on the loose, watch out Microsoft, Google are going to kick your ASS'S (and the sooner the better to be completly honest). What with "YouTube now under the google wing, there dosent seem to be much the cant do. The list of Google brothers,sisters and distant cousin websites found under the more button on google is growing by the day, often unchecked even regular users such as yours truley, If Google really wanted to spit on Microsofts Party, they need one simple thing.
An operating system.
Corperate megamonoliths that they are, Microsoft are getting trampled by the barrage of freeware replacing them, firefox, google this, google that, and the office clones out there floating about in cyberspace ripe for the picking of everyone but the most dedicated (or technophobic) Microsoft users.
These systems are generaly more stable, easier to get hold of and install, smaller (due to be downloadbles) which is always good on a KISS system like so many sensible people nowadays ;p
and most of all FREE, the only issue they have, is that they require windows as an OS, windows itself bugged to the backteeth, reliant on patch after patch, most of which i swear are monitering and adware.
NEHOO, you there, Google, listen up
we need a OS that displays all the Google Philosiphies
Simple, easy to follow, reliable and effective.
  • no swooshy menus
  • no unessacary junk running in the memory that the OS cant live without
  • no reliance on other programs (for some reason my Itunes requires Wmedia Player to be availible to work, which is odd as its Apple vs MS)
once there is a Google OS, basic as you like, Firefox etc will flourish, and you will rule the world!
we will save tonnes of money, stress and general heartache at the the hands of the merciless MS
and Bill can retire (no offence Bill) letting the smaller kids play.
Understood it will take a year or 5, (lets not release something flawed and untested like Win98 was. )
But its only a matter of time. Go team Google

(incidently, i dont have a clue what beta blogger does yet, not a sausage, but i havent had a chance to play with it yet, fear of cocking up the blog and all that.)


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